In the meantime it is almost halfway October. Time to start making homemode gifts for the coming holidays. I set the Patty Doo Geo-Bag on my ‘sewing ideas for Sinterklaas and Christmas list’ as soon as this pattern was alive. This Patty Doo Geo-Bag is such a genius pattern. You fold an odd shaped piece of fabric, stitch a seam, fold again and like matching it begins to look like a bag. This pattern comes in two sizes. A big size to make a toiletry bag and a smaller version for a cosmetics bag. I made my version of a discarded jeans and dress shirt.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

Patty Doo Geo-Bag pattern

The Patty Doo Geo-Bag pattern comes with included seam allowances. Working with discarded clothes is a little bit different then using a piece of fabric. You have to deal with what is available and sometimes you need to find a creative solution to make to most of what you have. I found this patchwork model of the Geo-bag so a perfect way to cut all pattern pieces out of the jeans legs.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

The bottom of the bag has also a seam due to width of a leg. Discarded jeans always have beautiful patina due to wear and aging. Those patina pattern can be used to create all kinds effects. I also wanted to run the fabric in the same direction on the finished bag. So I drafted the desired grain line on the individual pattern pieces.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

Stitching the Patty Doo Geo-Bag

Just like all my previous jeans refashions this one is also top stitched. This wasn’t an easy job due to the way the Geo-Bag is constructed. The corners have a clever construction but are sewn in two steps.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

Luckily my trusted friend, the seam ripper, is always there to help me when I’ve made a mistake. The zipper comes from a discarded hoodie. I also replaced the label of the original jeans. You can see it in one of the corners.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

Time and Costs

Time: pattern alterations 15 minutes; cutting 60 minutes; stitching and finishing 9 hours
Costs: printing € 0,25; yarn € 2,00

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

Who will be the lucky Patty Doo Geo-Bag owner

Before this bag was finished my husband asked me for what purpose I was going to use this bag. I didn’t had the time to give an answer because he already asked me if he could have it. This bag would be a perfect solution for his charging cables. My pre-holiday sewing ended in a charger cable storage bag.

Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version
Back to the pattern. This Patty Doo Geo-Bag pattern is a great pattern. I can’t imagine it’s free and comes also with a very good German spoken video but also a well written German sewing instructions with good illustrations.

6 Comments on Patty Doo Geo-Bag denim version

    • Thank you so much. This is such a great pattern. The result is so wonderful. If you make it out one piece of fabric it really is amazing that the result of the folding is a good shaped toiletry bag.

    • Thank you so much for your compliment. I really can recommend this pattern and if you don’t make a patchwork version it’s probably much easier and quicker to sew. Looking forward to see your versions if you start making them.

    • Thank you so much. It really is a great pattern with a beautiful result too. If you need any help you can always ask me.

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