Pink Gingham Dress – The seamstress tag

Pink Gingham Dress and the seamstress tag what have they in common? The seamstress tag was started by Hollie from Hollie Sews. The seamstress tag has twelve questions to answer. Two of them are When & why did you start sewing and What is your favourite or proudest make? After reading a few blogs and watching a couple of vlogs I decided to do something with these two questions. I can’t remember when I started sewing even my mother couldn’t tell when I asked her a couple of weeks ago. The second part of the question the why is because I enjoy it and it’s a good way to relax. My favourite or proudest make? Every sewing item is carefully planned and I’m proud of every make. This Pink Gingham Dress is the oldest proof of my sewing activities. So here is the story behind the Pink Gingham Dress.

Pink Gingham Dress (meer…)