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Februari roundup bucket list 2017

Februari roundup bucket list 2017 is about what I did during the second month of 2017 with my fifteen items on my 2017 bucket list. I’ve been sewing, started knitting and the daily cooking but also kept walking and we’ve visited two museums.

Februari roundup bucket list 2017 – cooking

I’ve used some of the recipes that came from the magazine I showed last month. The leek clafoutis was made twice because everyone loved it. I also started baking something sweet each week. The ‘Boer zoekt Vrouw’ show started two weeks ago and just like last year I make something sweet. All recipes are chosen from the countries were the farmers are living. You can read about all my makes when the farmers have chosen the one they will hopefully share the rest of their life with.

Februari roundup bucket list 2017

Februari roundup bucket list 2017 – The knitting

One of the bucket list items is to knit at least one item using yarn from my stash. I started almost three weeks ago and I’m using this pattern. The shawl will be rectangle but without the triangulair beginning and end. This shawl has short rows sections. Knitting short rows is something I’ve done only once so this a real challenge for me.

Februari roundup bucket list 2017


Personalized Rowing Socks

Personalized Rowing Socks – the request

Personalized Rowing Socks are made for ten female students who are also rowing at W.S.R. Argo. One of the members is a daughter of a friend of mine and a while ago I made this jacket for her. Now she asked if I could embroider a couple of socks with the name of the rower on it. The socks are not used as they are intended to be used, but rowers do use socks to carry a water bottle. The sock prevents damage to the thin skin of a rowing boat. During rowing the water bottle will start to roll in the boat over the soft skin. A sock is a good way to avoid this kind of damage. A personalized sock will also help you to find your own water bottle back after rowing.

x vlag en sokken


Thirty fabric blue Tulipomania

Thirty fabric blue TulipomaniaThirty fabric blue Tulipomania was a request for making thirty fabric blue tulips for some guests coming to the Netherlands. It concerns a visit from Maori men and women who are coming to Leiden for a Waka-meeting.

Thirty fabric blue Tulipomania was een verzoek om dertig blauwe tulpen van stof te maken. In dit geval waren het zowel mannen als vrouwen van de Maori stam die Leiden bezochten voor een Waka-meeting.


Het Spaarne – Spring Race

The Royal Rowing and Sailing Club “Het Spaarne” organizes each year the Spring Race. It is a time race over 4.5 kilometers starting from De Ringvaart and ends at the boathouse from Het Spaarne. This year I was asked by a male team to be become there cox to steer their eight for this race. Normally I prefer rowing, but sometimes I do something outside of my own sporting experience and comfort-zone.

Elk jaar organiseert De Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilvereniging Het Spaarne de Lenterace. Het is een tijdwedstrijd over 4,5 kilometer die begint op de Ringvaart en eindigt voor het botenhuis van Het Spaarne. Dit jaar ben ik gevraagd door een mannenploeg om hun acht te sturen. Normaal gesproken roei ik liever, maar zo’n enkele keer wil ik wel eens iets doen wat buiten mijn eigen sportbeleving is.

Het Spaarne