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New challenges for 2019

The first day of 2019 is almost gone. After a quit New Years Eve we met each other at our annual social New Years Day neighbourhood party. I wore one of my LBD and made a plate filled with pigs in a blanket. (an idea of eldest daughter).
Besides ideas, plans and challenges for my homemade wardrobe I’m everyday working on 10k steps/day challenge.

Nieuwe uitdagingen voor 2019

Round-up Bucket list 2017

It’s almost 2018. I started this year with a bucket list of 15 items. How many items are completed after 365 days. Time for my Round-up Bucket list 2017. I start with the items that are still on the list. Traveling with a mobile home, eating french fries in Belgium in a so could ‘frietkot’ and using all the giftcards. That doesn’t sound too bad.

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Apple turnover for New Year’s Eve or Appelflap voor Oudjaar

the filingIn this Christmas pudding post I told you about the Chipolata pudding my father used to make. Another thing he used to make were apple turnovers for New Year’s Eve.

In dit verhaal over het Kerstmis dessert vertelde ik over de Chipolata pudding die mijn vader maakte. Naast dit dessert maakte hij ook altijd appelflappen met oudjaar.