Happy Saturday Evening Family Meal – the tomato soup

Happy Saturday Evening Family Meal started with tomato soup. Both our daughters decided to were home this weekend so we had a kind of family meal together. Our daughters love a cup of soup and a favourite is homemade tomato soup with meatballs. I started baking two onions and after they were caramelised I added four grated cloves of garlic. As soon as the garlic was coloured I added one big tablespoon of flower and after two minutes three liter of vegetable stock was added. Then a a tin chopped tomatoes, a 500 ml a pack of tomato pulp and a large ton of tomato paste was added. The soup was almost ready after a good stir. Now I had to make some meatballs. I decided to spice the meatballs with sweet chilisaus. The tomato soup was served with two sweet pointed peppers cut into small slices.

Happy Saturday Evening Family Meal