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Grainline Scout Tee two fabric version

If one does a search on the internet can see many different versions of the Grainline Scout Tee. Scout Tees made of the suggested woven fabrics but also a few made of jersey fabric as well. Besides changing the fabric you also can see altered necklines, Peter Pan collars and Tunic versions. I’ve even seen versions with a breast pocket. I couldn’t resist to do some alterations as well. My Grainline Scout Tee two fabric version is made of woven and jersey fabric. Crepe for the front and sleeves and jersey for the back.

Grainline Scout Tee two fabric version


Ethnic print Cut-on sleeve Top

Ethnic print Cut-on sleeve Top – the start

I wanted to use this ethnic print for the Japanese Top that can be found in the GBSB book ‘Form Stitch to Style’. The fabric was pre-washed but unfortunately it had a shrinking percentage that was more than I had counted on. Therefore the amount of fabric wasn’t enough to make the Japanese Top. I had to find an alternative for the fabric. This isn’t the first time I have to deal with shrinking that’s more than the average. How did I came from this The Japanese Top to the Ethnic print Cut-on sleeve Top.

Ethnic print Cut-on sleeve Top Ethnic print Cut-on sleeve Top

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Color blocked Top Jeans outfit

Color blocked Top Jeans outfit is made of the colors black and camel. Wear them individual the colors will give you a smart and stylish outfit, but make a combination of black and camel and you will have a special and classic outfit. I used fabrics from my stash. I haven’t been sewing a lot from my stash due to the my participation in the KNIPster 2016 sewing award. A while ago I had to let three trousers go because they were worn down and therefore there was need for new ones. I wanted to make a classic fitted pair of jeans using the the black/camel fabric. In an episode of the GBSB 2016 the contestants had to make a dress in the style of the famous Mondrian dress designed in 1965 by Yves Saint Laurent. I decided to make a matching Color blocked T-shirt as a result of this challenge.

Color blocked Top Jeans outfit Color blocked Top Jeans outfit

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Great British Sewing Bee

Great British Sewing Bee is back at BBC2. Claudia Winkelman is still the host and Patrick Grant one of the judges and May Martin is replaced by Esme Young. Each serie has a book and this year the title is ‘From Stitch to Style’. From the book belonging to third serie I made the Drapey Knit Dress. I’ve watched the trailer and I’m looking forward to see this serie too. Yesterday started the first episode with ten contestants and three of them are male. Sadly at the end of this first round after showing their skills on basic garment construction one of the guys had to go.

The Great British Sewing Bee

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Drapey Knit Dress with Obi Belt or A wearable Japanese Combo


A dress is something I hardly sew, but sometimes a dress comes along that stays in your mind. For some time I had the Drapey Knit Dress on my sewing wish-list and with fabric from my stash I decided to give it a go. The dress comes from the book Fashion with Fabric published after the third serie of The Great British Sewing Bee by Claire-Louise Hardie. The book was a gift from a friend of mine. After seeing some other versions made from this pattern on the internet I decided to make the dress with sleeves and leave the pockets out. My fabric isn’t the suggested fabric, but a more thinner version. The pattern in my fabric looks a bit like the origami V-Fold Span and the pattern also follows the way the pleat is folded in the front of the dress. This fabric makes the finished dress more suitable for a cool summer day. 

I did a remake and made myself a new refitted GBSB Drapey Knit Dress

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