Misty Richardson is a great designer when you’re looking for a soft toy. Her animal figures and a doll all have a characteristic look like a relatively big head in relation to the body. She did a give-away by the end of August due to fact kids had to return to school. My choice was the doll and turn this into a Misty’s Whimsies Gender Neutral Oakley Doll version. Misty seemed to like this idea so I became one of the lucky free pattern winners.

Note: Misty’s Whimsies patterns are no longer available.

genderneutrale pop met scotty dog

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral is all about avoiding giving roles to genders and sexes. Equal treatment in schools, the workplace, places of worhship and other communal places. Several clothing brands all ready have gender neutral kids clothes in their collection.

pop met kleding

Our parents gave my sister and me all kinds of toys. Cars and dolls but also LEGO to play with. We had a large variation of clothes: skirts but also trousers, sweaters and cardigans.

Misty’s Whimsies Genderneutrale Oakley Doll

My Gender Neutral Oakley Doll

My genderneutrale doll is totally made of leftovers. I used unbleached woven cotton (calico) for the head, legs and arms that is lightly coloured by putting the fabric in tea for an afternoon. I cut the arm pattern above the elbow through to create sleeves. The hair has now a kind of naturally hair separation by cutting the dart upward. Dungarees are great clothes so this doll is wearing one made of my own design. With a drawstring backpack the Gender Neutral Oakley Doll is ready to return to school.

Misty's Whimsies Oakley doll back to school

The beanbag

The finished doll was sitting on the edge of our television cabinet. I stated thinking of making some kind of chair for the doll to sit on. A beanbag seemed to be a good idea. I made a sketch and started looking for suitable fabric.

beanbag voor pop

An old felted sweater from my husband was just perfect. The pattern was drafted so after cutting and stitching the beanbag was ready. Zero waste too because all small leftovers and scraps are used to fill the beanbag.

beanbag opvullen met restanten

Time and Costs

Time: cutting the Oakley Doll, stitching and finishing 8 hours; drafting the dungarees and making 4 hours; drawstring backpack 90 minutes; drafting the beanbag and making 5hours
Costs: The Misty’s Whimsies Oakley Doll was free from a giveaway (pattern is a pdf-download and costs $ 16,00 – € 14,50); printing € 0,25; all materials are leftovers or coming from discarded clothes

Misty’s Whimsies Genderneutrale Oakley Doll

The result

One can find a few gender neutral dolls for sale on the internet. Making one was a real challenge. Finding neutral colours, hair do but also which clothes. The T-shirt was relatively simple and the jeans dungarees seemed to be a good gender neutral piece of clothing. You may say it: succeeded or not?

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    • Thank you Misty. The Oakley Doll was a joy to make. All credits go to you for designing such a great pattern. I’ll make another one in the near future because this one already found a good home.

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