This post is al about Homemade Zero Waste Projects. I always try to have as less leftovers as possible. One can find besides zero waste clothes patterns also useful items like rugs and fabric balls.

Homemade Zero Waste Projects

Dress and Alternative

I’ve the Zero Waste Kimono dress on my list for some time but still haven’t find the suitable fabric. The Initiative Handarbeit Fanny Pack left the upper part of the jeans.

restant jeans

We had two heat waves in Europe this summer. A doorstopper is very useful when one wants to try to let doors open for letting in some fresh air. I decided to make one for our study using the jeans remnants.

Jeanius Doorstopper

I used one of the round doorstoppers that we already have as a guide. Back pockets, coin pocket, fly and labels are unpicked before cutting. The button part of the fly is now the handle of the doorstopper and the leather label has a place on the ‘body’.

stofresten verwerken

I still had some jeans fabric left but also the waistband. Many seamstresses use pattern weights. I still don’t have them so time to make a few.

patroongewichten van jeans

Pattern weights and Pincushion

I unpicked the belt loops from the waistband. A cardboard packaging of fragrance sticks was used for the inner vorm and they also contain glass decorative stones.

kartonnen koker van geurstokjes

These stones belonged to my mother but she didn’t want them anymore so she gave them to me to use them for one of my DIY’s projects. The beltlcops are sewn on top so they can be used to lift the pattern wight. The last small pieces were just enough to make a a good stable pincushion.

speldenkussen van jeans

Stitching the three projects

I started with the pattern weights and pincushion because I wanted to fill the doorstopper with all the leftover fabric and scraps.

jeans deurstopper met vulling

All three projects have an almost identical sewing order. The pincushion has ‘zero waste’ at the side to remind me to try to use materials the best I can. The doorstopper has a turn and fill opening in the ‘side seam’. Sewing bottom and top is the second step. Turn and place a cardboard circle in the top and bottom and fill with fabric scraps.

Zero Waste Zelfmaak Projecten

Zero Waste

I just realised as soon as finished this project that all materials were found in our home except for the sand that was used to fill the pincushion.

Jeanius doorstopper

This sand came from a beach walk in the early hours on a hot and sunny day. My father never threw something away because he always said ‘you never know when you need it’. I’m a little bit like him but I try to limit it to one shelf.

patroongewichten van afgedankte jeans

Time for the Homemade Zero Waste Projects

This kind of projects can take some time to make them. Unpicking, finding out how to use the material, finding other material but also top stitching and sewing the labels on. I haven’t used a stopwatch this time but it must be somewhere between 18 and 20 hours. The doorstopper weights 1600 grams, each pattern weight 200 grams and the pincushion 500 grams.

You like the model of my pincushion or pattern weights and want to make them too? I’ve a small surprise for you. You can download a small ‘tutorial how to make a Jeanius pincushion’ for free.

4 Comments on Homemade Zero Waste Projects

  1. These are so seriously good Sonja. What a project. I have so many pieces of leftover denim jeans that I need to turn into a few things and you’ve given me inspiration.

    • It was one of my most interesting projects since I started sewing my own clothes about five years ago. Sustainability and zero waste sewing now has become a part of my projects. Wishing you good luck with turning some pieces of your leftover denim jeans into turn useful objects and looking forward to see them.

  2. I am about to make my nieces some shopping bags from pieces of old jeans that were used for another project. You’ve reminded me that I need a doorstop and tough denim is ideal, so I shall use what is left after the bags to make one! Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. The doorstopper don’t take may jeans fabric and using the buttonhole part of the fly for the handle is so much fun. Good luck with your doorstopper. I really would like to see your version when it’s ready. So if you’re willing please send me a message.

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