I saw at the begin of August besides the Misusu Freekin’ Challenge also the Alter it August challenge. The Alter it August is all about much less-than-loved garments in your wardrobe. You probably seen my last blogpost. I showed four Misusu clothes: two for a boy and two for a girl. This Misusu Olli pants 4 Alter it August is my contributions for not one but for both challenges.

Misusu Ollie pants 4 Alter it August

My less than loved garment for the Misusu Olli pants

I found a striped pair of summer pants in the back of my wardrobe. Bought to wear on hot summer days while laying on a deckchair reading a book in the shadow.

I probably wore it once or twice but it wasn’t for me. The pair of pants were unpicked, washed and ironed. Plans were made but also changed a few times. It was impossible to make something suitable for me. The Misusu Olli pants pattern was still on the table and this was just perfect for this project.

My Misusu Ollie pants 4 Alter it August version

I altered the seam of the pockets into a slight slanted one so the pockets now have a kind of side pocket look. The hem of the legs have a broad band of horizontal stripes. This hem is double so it can be turned over for a more sporty look.

Misusu Max Tee with reverse appliqué boat

I also was left with two small pieces of striped fabric but also with two polo fronts from the girls version of the Olli pants. Perfect material to make matching T-shirt and this time with the boat reverse appliqué. The Max Tee pattern was altered to make a V-hals version. Sleeve hems and Tee hem are top stitched with red yarn just like the reverse appliqué boat.


Olli pants: unpicking the discarded striped pants 90 minutes; cutting 45 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 6 hours
Max Tee: cutting 30 minutes; stitching and finishing reverse appliqué boat 90 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 3 hours


All other materials came from discarded clothes, donations or are leftovers

Misusu Olli pants 4 Alter it August and Misusu Max Tee

I had never done a reverse appliqué but I’m pleased with the result. The red top stitching adds a nice accent.

The blue of the Tee, the striped Olli pants and the red yarn gives this set a kind of maritime look. This set will aso be donated to the Stichting Babyspullen. 

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    • It was some job to make the applique but I really was surprised with the outcome of it. I was shocked when I read how much discarded clothes end up as landfill. Turning them into new clothes is far more a better way and making this clothes for unfortunate kids makes me happy.

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