I wanted to make a new Farbenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt but this didn’t happen. Husband has some shoulder problems and is wearing short sleeve shirts because they are easier to put on. He haan’t much short sleeved shirts in his wardrobe so time to make a new one. I went to Sikkes on a hot sunny Saturday to see if they had some suitable fabric. 

LMV Bernie Hemd

Fabric and Pattern

Suitable fabric for shirts aren’t easy to find but after walking around for about half an hour I had picked suitable fabrics. I decided that a licht grey poplin with small white geometrical prints was the best option. The fabric went into to washing machine for a pre-wash and I started thinking about a sewing pattern for this new shirt.

LMV Bernie Hemd op herhaling

The LMV Bernie Hemd was a very good option due to the square shape of the collar stand. This square shape really looked good with geometrical prints. I spend more than two hours before all pattern pieces were on the fabric and the pattern was running through.

LMV Bernie Hemd op herhaling

LMV Bernie Hemd Take Two

I made only one alteration. Two back pleats are now on one side of each shoulder instead of the one center back pleat.

overhemd met twee rugplooien

Inner collar stand, under collar and inner shoulder yoke are made of the lighter coloured wrong side of the fabric. This creates a subtile contrast. Two afternoons of sewing and the new shirt was ready to wear. Husband didn’t wanted a breast pocket this time but after a night sleep I decided to sew one anyway. Making one in a finished shirt is a challenge special when you want to make a welt version. It took me almost two hours but when the job was done it made the difference I was looking for.

LMV Bernie Hemd met print

Husband is very happy with the added breast pocket. We had a long walk on the day he first wore this shirt and during our coffee break it was the perfect for his sunglasses.

Time and Costs

Time: arranging the pattern pieces on the fabric and cutting 150 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 9 hours
Costs: fabric € 8,70; yarn € 2,50 (buttons came from my button box)

poplin overhemd met korte mouw

Leftover fabric 

I’m currently also working on a zero waste project bezig and on my information I found out that the average fabric waste is between 10 % and 30 %. I was curious to see how much fabric waste I had with this shirt.


There wasn’t much on the table but after some calculation it still was more than expected. The fabric weighed before cutting 232 gram and after cutting there was 39 gram left on the table so the lost was 17%. This was more than expected. To be continued.

4 Comments on LMV Bernie Hemd Take Two

    • Thank you so much Sue. I was wondering if I as a home seamstress was doing a better fabric waste job than the commercial industry. I’ve seen you’re currently working with zero waste patterns. Really like that concept and some designs are well thought over. Looking forward to see your results with other patterns as well.

  1. Fantastic shirt – love the geometric print! (I also love the blue splotches protecting Mr. SALC’s identity. Great fun!)

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I just showed your remark about the blue blue splotches to my husband and he also had much fun when he saw them too.

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