This small striped square neck T-shirt is based on a RTW T-shirt. Husband and I were having a lunch last year at the Dagvisser in Scheveningen and the waitresses all wore great looking striped T-shirts with a square neck. I saw myself in such a T-shirt too and made a draft of this T-shirt when we came home. I thought during the Winter how to draft a pattern for this T-shirt.

small striped square neck T-shirt

The first steps

I first did a search on the internet to find a pattern. The Vanessa Wanted Top was the only that popped up but missed the set-in shoulder yokes. The eureka moment came while making the Orageuse Paris Top for our youngest daughter. This Top has a horizontal neckline combines with triangle shaped yokes. I drafted a T-shirt pattern on scale and started with my design. 

smal gestreept T-shirt met vierkante hals

The scale drafted pattern 

I drafted a horizontal line for the neckline on front- and back pattern and lined up the front and back shoulder seams of front and back. I then started with the shoulder yokes by drafting a line from the new front neckline to the new back neckline. The small shaped shoulder yokes were now finished too.

patroon smal gestreept T-shirt met vierkante hals

Making a definitive pattern and toile

I first made a pattern in my size using my TNT self drafted T-shirt pattern. The shoulder yokes are cut double for a neat finish. This striped jersey also came from Holland Stoffenhuis and was found in the remnant bin. After cutting and stitching it was time to fit the toile. It fits perfect and looks very well. Perhaps I find some points that need to be improved after wearing the T-shirt a few times.

smal gestreept T-shirt met vierkante hals

Time and Costs

Time: pattern developing and drafting 4 hours; cutting, stitching and finishing 5 hours
Costs: pattern paper € 0,50; fabric € 5,00; yarn € 2,00

maritime style T-shirt

Small striped square neck T-shirt version 2.0

This T-shirt is a cute variation of the well known Breton top. The drafting of the pattern looked complicated at first glance but was after all pretty easy. A next version will be made of a more broader stripe.

smal gestreept T-shirt met vierkante hals

Youngest daughter and I went to the Stoffencircus on Whit Monday. I found a green version of the Megan Blue fabrics striped fabric. This fabric is pre-washed and will turn into a new T-shirt for my husband.

10 Comments on Small striped square neck T-shirt

  1. I adore the shoulder yokes and square neckline. I’m going to take particular note of your drafting and see if I can do something similar. Bravo Sonja, you really have nailed this one!

    • Thank you so much Sue. I’m getting a little bit more confident in my sewing abilities so over the years. Please let me know when you’re making something similar like mine. Looking forward to see your creation.

  2. I love that neckline, and have been watching out for a pattern. Hard to believe no-one has published one! Thanks for the clear explanation. It looks so attractive on you, too.

    • Thank you for the compliment It really is a great neckline and the construction turns it unique feature. I also was surprised that I wasn’t able to find an existing pattern. You’e welcome and hope if you make something similar it will be of use. I’ve also started working on a more extended version of how I drafted the pattern.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments and compliments. Good luck with making your version. After receiving some questions for more explanations about the construction I’ve started working on a more detailed description.

    • Thank you so much. This Top is indeed something different than the usual nautical themed tops but also to the square necklines I’ve came across.

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