So here is the matching garment for the Farbenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt: the Men’s Cargo Shorts by Wardrobe By Me.
A pair of shorts is great item in men’s Summer wardrobe. My husband is no exception. He likes wearing Cargo shorts. The patch pockets on the side of the legs are great to have while cycling or walking for his mobile phone and credit cards.
Time to tell about my first Cargo shorts experience.

Wardrobe By Me Men’s Cargo Shorts

Pattern, fabric and size

I choose this pattern because it has a cut-on-waist. Husband sometimes complains that the straight shape of a sewn on waistband doesn’t always feel well during cycling or driving. Perhaps a cut-on-waist could be the solution.

Men's Cargo shorts Wardrobe by Me

I found this fabric at Sikkes and bought 1.25 meter. Cargo pockets. It has a twill binding with some stretch.
This cargo shorts is size 33 measured on the basis of one of his RTW jeans.

Men’s Cargo Shorts by Wardrobe By Me

My experience and make

This pattern comes with well written instructions and good illustrations. Sizes are given in inches and centimeters. Seam allowances are added and also which pattern pieces need to be cut from fabric and interfacing.

WbM Men's Cargo Shorts

I read the instructions before cutting and sewing which was wise to do because I never sew a welt pocket as shown in this pattern just like working with cut-on-waist in combination with a fly.
All pockets and waistline facing are finished with bias tape cut from some leftover lining fabric.

Wardrobe By Me Men’s Cargo Shorts

Husband and his Cargo shorts

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and in this case in the wearing.
Husband wore is Men’s Cargo Shorts by Wardrobe By Me for one day before letting me know what his option was. The cut-on- waist is a winner. He only has one remark: the depth of the side pockets. They are deep enough for his mobile phone but it slides sometimes out of his pocket while sitting.
Something to work on before making a seconde one. I need to redraft the pattern of the side pockets but make sure they will not be in the way while sewing on the cargo pockets.
To keep the family happy: my next make will be for youngest daughter.

achterzakken Men's cargo Shorts

Time and Costs

Time: assembling pattern 30 minutes; cutting shorts, pockets and bias tape 90 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 12 hours
Costs: Men’s Cargo Shorts by Wardrobe By Me pattern € 11,57; print- and assembling costs € 4,85; fabric € 15,00; interfacing € 0,50; yarn € 5,25; zipper € 2,00; button € 0,50

2 Comments on Men’s Cargo Shorts by Wardrobe By Me

  1. These look wonderful! I now give my husband zipped side pockets so that nothing can fall out. It’s not hard to do and he loves them. I am intrigued by the cut on waistband so am off to check that out. It looks like something I might like too!

    • Thank you so much Sue and the big win is that husband is very pleased with this shorts. This really is a great pattern. No alterations needed so that was a big surprise. The cut on waistband is the winner. I think I like the idea of the zippered side pockets. So keep that in mind.

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