I recently finishend a new poloshirt for my husband but he wasn’t 100% happy with it. He wanted a more lighter colour next time and also no breast pocket. Fabrics for men garments are hard to find but sometimes one can have some luck.
Youngest daughter and I visited the Stoffencircus in Leiden on Whit Monday. We bought two fabrics and one of them was this old green striped Megan Blue jersey fabric. 

FÖHR Herren Shirt by Farbenmix

My FÖHR Herren Shirt by Farbenmix version

The Fabenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt has two shoulder yokes that add a nice detail to a simple basic T-shirt. I also had seen some   variations at the Zonen09 Billie.

Farbenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt

I used the wrong side of the fabric for the shoulder yokes for some contrast. The ‘polo placket’ is also made of the wrong side just like the bands to finish the neckline and sleeves. The ‘polo placket’ is finished with three buttons.

Husband and his FÖHR Herren Shirt

One never can tell in advance if the other likes what you’ve just made for them. I had my doubts wether my husband would like this basic T-shirt above the poloshirt.

Farbenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt

So what was his verdict? Thumbs went up. He is very happy with this just finished make. Colour and model are perfect just like the fit. The stretch makes  it easy to wear while cycling ore walking. A satisfied costumer this time.

Farbenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt

Time and Costs

Time: cutting 45 minutes; stitching and finishing 6 hours
FÖHR Herren Shirt pattern € 6,50; print and assembling costs € 4,50; fabric € 12,50; yarn € 2,50; buttons € 1,50

achterkant FÖHR Herren Shirt

My next project

I’me a little more confident now my husband likes this just finished shirt because my next project will be something to wear with this shirt.

Megan Blue Farbenmix FÖHR Herren Shirt

I bought a pattern last year but didn’t find suitable fabric until last week. I needed matching yarn for this FÖHR Herren Shirt, went to Sikkes and there it was: fabric suitable for the pattern and with a match with this shirt as well.
Return next week and you can see what I’ve been making.

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    • This new T-shirt is indeed a nice variation on a classic polo. It’s always is a plus when the wrong side of the fabric gives you the possibility to use it as contrast. I’m very pleased that my husband likes is new T-shirt too.

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