I decided not to buy any new patterns or sewing magazines this year. I’ve plenty PDF patterns and the Perkins Shirt Ensemble Patterns is one of them. The Perkins pattern is an oversized model that can be made as a shirt or dress. The shirt version has one of my favourite details: a high/low seam. It can be made in two length: cropped or hip length. I still had a piece of fabric bought in Rouen three years ago. The piece was 1.30m long but with a little bit of playing with the pattern pieces it could be used for the Perkins shirt.

side view Perkins shirt

Cutting, Adjustments and Stitching

After one hour of puzzling it was clear that cutting the collar stand, under collar and inner back yoke was impossible. I used a dark blue contrast fabric for these three pattern pieces.
My version has fold over button plackets. A big advantage is that the three layers of fabric are firm enough so one doesn’t have to use interfacing.

Ensemble Patterns Perkins Shirt

Another advantage of this method is that the front stil stays soft instead of stiff. My seam finish is also different from the one explained in the sewing instructions.
I used microtextiel needle nr 60 for sewing to avoid small stitching holes in the fabric.

back view Perkins Shirt

Time and Costs:

Time: finding the cutting layout 90 minutes; cutting 45 minutes; basting, alterations, stitching, hand sewing buttons on and finishing 8 hours
Costs: pattern $ 12.00 (€ 10,75); pattern printing and assembling € 4,25; fabric € 16,90; yarn € 3,00; interfacing € 0,50; buttons € 4,00

Perkins shirt tucked in

Sleeve alterations

The Perkins shirt has a inner and outer sleeve construction. I checked the fit after basting and found out that the double sleeve construction was to heavy for my type fabric. The front and back body moved upwards so I removed the inner sleeve. 

Perkins Shirt Ensemble Patterns

The final result

I hardly wear garments with raglan sleeves. I’ve very broad shoulders always have to do alterations. The Perkins Shirt is oversized so in this case the raglan sleeves construction has a good fit for me. My version is made in 2 (according the size charts my size is 6) but my choice to use a smaller size worked out very well. It also has gathered back and a basic front.

Perkins Shirt Ensemble Patterns

The shirt is a pleasure to wear. It looks great with a skinny jeans with some flats. 
I’m very pleased with my Perkins shirt. The high/low seam, the colours and last but not least the button design of the fabric. I take this shirt with me on our holiday but I hope we also have some warm and sunny days before we go.

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    • I’ve to confess I’ve so much PDF-patterns that I need another live to make them all. I still see lots of new sewing patterns that scream to me ‘I’m so unique please buy me’ and it worked once: with the Doris skirt.

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