I still had some leftover yarn after knitting the Purrfect Kitty. Small pieces of yarn all tie together. Not very suitable to knit small hats for the Innocent elderly campaign.
Ravelry has a great database with all kinds free knitting patterns to make softs. Don’t these knitted mischievous mice look cute?

three knitted mice

The largest of the three generations mischievous mice

I started with three threads of yarn and used needle size 7. The original mouse is knitted using two needles but after my experience with the sock critters I decided to knit the mischievous mice in the round too. The only thing that needed to be changed are the first and last stitch. You only have to replace these two by one stitch.
A big advantage of knitting in the round also is you only have to knit garter stitches. After breaking the yarn, stuffing, embroidering eyes and nose and adding whiskers the first mouse was ready.

the biggest knitted mouse

The middle one of the mischievous mice

The second one is knitted with two thread of yarn using needle size 5. After one night of sleep I looked to my just finished mouse and for some reason I didn’t like the shape of his ears. I did to experimental knitting and found another model. The shape is rounder and has also a clear ear rim.

a knitted mouse

The smallest of the three

One mouse is no mouse, place two mice together and one soon has three. This third one is of course the smallest one. Knitted with one thread and on needle size 2.5. I used stop yarn for socks to make the ears and knitted them on needle size 2.

a small knitted mouse

Time and Costs

Time: I used three hours to make one mouse from start to finish
pattern printing € 0.10; fiberfill € 2,50

three knitted mice walking in a row

Three knitted mischievous mice

I knitted I-cords to make tails. The largest mouse (20 centimeters) and the middle one (15 centimeters) are great to give as a soft toy to a child. The smallest one is very firm and therefore suitable as a cat toy.
I’ve already made a start with knitting for the Innocent elderly campaign.

Innocent breicampagne 2019

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