While I was clearing out a few cupboards I also found some knitting yarn. It seems to be one of my habits starting knitting sweaters but never be able to finish one. Sometimes I don’t understand the instructions, the pattern is a disappointment, increasing by mistake or the knitting looks uneven and messy are just four of my long ‘why not finish a knitting project list’.
I had lots of yarn from these unfinished projects and decided to find projects for it. A lot of this yarn will be used for knitting small hats for the Innocent elderly campaign.
I also found some sock critters on Ravelry. These sock critters are designed to learn how to knit socks. The Little Lamb Sock Critter looked so cute so I downloaded the pattern.

Knitting two Sock Critters

Knitting socks

My mother used to knit socks for my father. She started knitting them using four two point needles but also on a knitting machine.
I knitted socks as well when I was pregnant. These socks match perfect with the small sweaters that I knit too. I even found my original instructions back and one of the knitted sweaters with matching socks during the clearing out.

Twee gebreide sock critters

Knitted Little Lamb Sock Critter 

I knitted the lamb on needle size 3.5. There’s a video that shows several stages of how to knit the lamb sock critter. This pattern has a pattern chart for the cable part.
Some parts are knitted with two needles but most of the lamb is knitted in the round. I found knitting the head very challenging due to the decreasing.
A small amount of my yarn went into this lamb. My finished lamb is about 20 centimeters.

Knitting two Sock Critters

Knitted Purrfect Kitty Cat 

I decided to make another one. The Purrfect Kitty Cat is knitted on needle size 7 with three threads of grey and one black thread.
This time I did the whole critter in the round so there’s only a seam to attach the legs to the body. Due to the fact the cat is knitted in ‘one colour’ one must pay some attention to get to rows right while knitting.
My Purrfect Kitty Cat is about 40 centimeters. Nose, mouth and eyes are made of leftover yarn..

Knitting two Sock Critters

Time and Costs

Little Lamb Sock Critter 6 hours
Purrfect Kitty Cat 8 hours

Knitting two Sock Critters

Little Lamb Sock Critter printing the pattern € 0,30; fiberfill € 2,00
Purrfect Kitty Cat pattern printing € 0,25; fiberfill € 3,00; cat bell € 0,50

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