Husband asked very kindly if I could make a new dress shirt for him. He wanted something else than blue or grey. We went shopping at the Stoffenloods in Heemskerk where he saw a red striped fabric that he really liked.
One can do a lot with stripes and created nice looking details. The LMV Cliff hemd has an eye catching shoulder yoke that’s perfect for some stripe playing. I started with making some sketches before starting to cut the striped LMV Cliff hemd version.

Striped LMV Cliff hemd

Ideas and details

I decided to make a two piece sleeve and cut the sleeve in two using the slash line as guide. The seam of the two sleeve pattern pieces meet the seam of the shoulder yoke and back piece. The pattern pieces are carefully placed on the fabric to let the stripes run through.

Striped LMV Cliff hemd

I also cut the under piece of the sleeve bias to add an interesting feature.
Matching plane fabric is used for the inside of the shoulder yoke, collar stand, collar and cuff.

Striped LMV Cliff hemd

Cutting and Stitching

One must always take some extra time to let the striped run through. It took me a Sunday afternoon to get everything cut the way I wanted to.
I also had to find a way how to stitch the plackets because they are added to both sleeve pieces.
I did the top stitching for the inside of the shoulder yoke, collar stand, collar and cuff with matching yarn. Buttons came from a discarded dress shirt.

Striped LMV Cliff hemd

Time and Costs

Time: pattern alterations and drafting two new sleeve pieces patroon 30 minutes; cutting 3 hours; stitching, finishing and sewing buttons on by hand 9 hours
Costs: fabric € 12,50; yarn € 3,50; interfacing € 1,00

Striped LMV Cliff hemd

Husband and his new Striped LMV Cliff hemd

Husband couldn’t wait until his new dress shirt was finished. I was also sewing a button on that fell off and somehow we misunderstood each other. He asked me if it was ready and supposed he was meaning the one that only needed the button to be replaced. My yes made him hanging the striped LMV Cliff hemd in the wardrobe.

Striped LMV Cliff hemd

I still had to make the buttonholes and that was something for the next day. A little disappointment for husband. He had to wait until the next day to wear his new dress shirt.
Do you like making dress shirts? I’ve also found  another garment that I want to make for him. The only thing I need to find is suitable fabric.

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  1. I enjoy your blog and projects very much. This one is very special. Very clever design details. Yes I enjoy the challenge of shirt making as well. Lucky husband

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. Good to read that you enjoy my blog and projects. My husband really enjoys wearing my homemade shirts. Good to read you like them as well. We both have lucky husbands.

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