I can’t resist sewing a soft toy so now and then. Something completely different then sewing clothes. A sewing project without fitting issues, style and fabric choices.
Misty Richardson is the designer behind this Bunny pattern. I made one of her patterns a while ago: Cherry the Fox. Her soft toys designs have some distinctive features: relatively large head in relation to the body, legs with a foot sole and arms without a clear hand.
This Misty’s Whimsies Bunny called Cotton will make a great gift for Easter.

Note: This pattern is no longer available.

Misty’s Whimsies

Pattern and material choices

This new Misty’s Whimsies pattern is free for her Facebook group members. This bunny comes with two ears options: standing up or hanging down. I made my version with the ears standing up.

Misty”s Whimsies

I used a felted cashmere light grey cardigan. It belonged to the youngest daughter and was a well beloved item. The fleece is from a discarded morning coat and the white teddy from the inside of a hoodie.

Misty’s Whimsies Bunny called Cotton

Sewing the bunny

This pattern comes with added seam allowances, written instructions and illustrations. If you follow the instructions from begin to end you end up with a great looking Bunny without having any problems during the make.
I only had to read the construction of the tail twice due to the fact I’ve never seen this type of tail construction before.

The tail of Cotton the Bunny

My felted wool caused me some troubles when I had to stitch the ears and head together but also while sewing the arms and body together. I’ve used my sewing hump jumper several times.
The bunny is stitched with a small stitch length, 1.5 mm, so after stuffing all round details still look crisp and beautiful.

Misty’s Whimsies Bunny called Cotton

Time and Costs

Time: duplicating the pattern 30 minutes; cutting 45 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 6 hours; stuffing 1 hour
Costs:pattern printing € 0,20; yarn € 1,50; fiberfill € 3,00

side view of Misty’s Whimsies Bunny called Cotton

My Misty Whimsies Bunny called Cotton version

I had some kind of idea how the finished Bunny would look like. Using felted wool is completely different than any other fabrics.
I used the garter side of the cardigan for this make. The Bunny is so soft and the teddy belly is a great looking detail. Eyes and nose are made of black faux leather and stitched on the face with a small zigzag stitch.
My finished Bunny is about 40 cm high. Perfect as babyshower gift or a cute, sweet toy to cuddle for a child that loves bunnies.

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