It must have been somewhere at the beginning of April 2014 when I went to the shops to buy some new clothes. I went back home without any new piece of clothing and while cycling home I decided to make own clothes. The next day I went back on my bike and bought two pieces of remnants at Jan Sikkes in Haarlem. One for a Top and one for a jacket. I found the Sorbetto Top for free on the internet. The pattern for the jacket came from a Burda. 

Making five year my own clothes

One thing let to another

I learned it the hard way. No sewing lessons. Internet is a big help as well as patterns with good illustrated well written instructions. The quality of fabrics is another one.
Once I started my confidence started growing. I started making clothes for others as well: My husband, our two daughters, my mother and friends as well. You can find my early makes on TMS and Kollabora. My first blogpost was published on May 2015.
Another passion: trying to draft my own patterns. T-shirts, jeans and Chanel jackets but also one offs like this asymmetrical T-shirt.

Vijf jaar zelfgemaakte kleding

Refashions and recycling

I like to do refashions and recycling. Discarded clothes sometimes never worn making into a new sometimes completely different wearable piece. Making new useful objects or soft toys from discarded clothes that aren’t suitable for a second wear. It’s such a pleasure and satisfying when it’s finished.

Making five year my own clothes

Back to the beginning

Today exactly five years ago I published my first four makes on TMS. I came across TMS while I was looking for inspirations. TMS has monthly sewing challenges and I participated almost every month. This month challenge: It’s the small things. Panties, underwear, shapewear, tights or socks. Not my cup of tea but I decided to give it a go.

Vijf jaar zelfgemaakte kleding

I found some leftover fabric used for my husbands white T-shirts. A Tank Top for under a blouse in the Spring.
I used to buy Camisole tops and one was so well worn it was almost falling apart. I used the lace from this top and replaced it on my Tank Top.
My first try isn’t that bad: it fits perfect for a first underwear make. Back to the beginning?

Vijf jaar zelfgemaakte kleding

I already told you this was also a TMS challenge: this is my fifty-fifth entry for TMS.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words Ann. I’m a kind of painstaking seamstress. There isn’t an homemade garment that hasn’t seen my seam ripper at least ones. It must be perfect.

Leuk dat je de tijd nam om mijn bericht te lezen. Ik hoor graag wat je er van vond. Thank you for taking the time reading this blogpost and taking the time to write a comment for this post. I really do appreciate it.

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