I cleared out my wardrobe and some of my well worn T-shirts had seen better days. My fabric stash is slowly decreasing but lucky me I found a small amount of light blue jersey bought at Sikkes for the first make.
My second fabric was found in the discarded clothes stash. A never worn dark blue Tank dress that was given to me. Time to start cutting my two basic blue T-shirts.

Two basic blue T-shirts

Self drafted pattern

This T-shirt pattern was drafted more then a year ago. One can find lots of tutorials and instructions on the internet how to draft a basic T-shirt pattern. It takes about an hour and then you have a made to measure pattern. Sleeve length, T-shirt length, upper-arm width and shoulder length according to your personal size and fit, finished with a V-neck, crew neck or even a boat neck if you wish.

Two basic blue T-shirts

The Two basic blue T-shirts

When I decided almost five years ago to make all my own clothes I made my first T-shirts on a regulair sewing machine. My Pfaff Ambition 1.0 has a closed overlock stitch. This stitch is perfect when you don’t have an overlocker and coverstitch. I finished in those days my neckline with a twin needle and the hems with the closed overlock stitch.

Two basic blue T-shirts

I bought an overlocker and a coverstitch two years ago and the combination of both machines give a T-shirt an almost perfect professional look. But even with only an overlocker one can make perfect looking T-shirts with a beautiful looking finish.
Four hours later my two new basic blue T-shirts had found their way to my wardrobe.

Two basic blue T-shirts

Time and Costs

dark blue T-shirt: unripping the Tank dress 1 hour; cutting 20 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 4 hours
light blue T-shirt: cutting 20 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 4 hours
dark blue T-shirt: no costs for the fabric; yarn € 1,00
light blue T-shirt: fabric € 10,00; yarn € 1,00

Two basic blue T-shirts

The finished Two basic blue T-shirts

These two basic blue T-shirts are perfect basic wardrobe staples and a great addition in my black/white staple. Both will go well with the Blackwood cardigan and my just finished Chanel jacket. € 12,00 for two perfect fitting T-shirts is cheap as chips and also a discarded piece of clothes as a second life.
I’ve cleared the dining room table and are about to cut make next make. You don’t have wait long: Monday the result will be visible on my blog.

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    • I agree and I’me with these two to replace some discarded ones. Well fitted and made to measure Tops are very important.

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