Youngest daughter loves pencil skirts and specially when they are homemade. Last time I made two out of Ponta di Roma. This one is made of stretch structure fabric in black. light blue and ecru. This fabric was also bought at Holland Stoffenhuis and was found and their remnant bin.
This new pencil skirt is also made of this TNT pencil skirt pattern. Everyone can draft a pencil skirt and I can highly recommend to do it. A commercial pattern is made for an average size and always asks fr alterations. With the same effort you can easy draft your own pattern.

Stretch structure fabric Homemade pencil skirt

Sewing the pencil skirt together

This new pencil skirt also has flat seams. The seam allowances of the side seams are 2.5 cm. In my opinion a flat seam looks better on the hips. A seam made with a locker is very small and can easily turn on some points. The side seams and hems were locked first. The side seams are done with a single thread coverstitch.

Stretch structure fabric Homemade pencil skirt

The hem and tunnel casing for the elastic are done with a two thread coverstitch. Finally the elastic was pulled trough the tunnel casing and finished by hand to secure. Last step was sewing the elastic on the side seams. This stitching will prevent that the elastic can move in the ‘waistband’ and the side seams also won’t move. My elastic is 2.5 cm wide and has an heavy duty quality that will keeps his shape.

Stretch structure fabric Homemade pencil skirt

Time and Costs

Time: cutting 15 minutes; stitching and finishing 4 hours
Costs: fabric € 7,50; yarn € 1,00; elastic € 2,50

Stretch structure fabric Homemade pencil skirt

How pleased is youngest daughter

Youngest daughter is again a happy costumer. She loves this bright pencil skirt and with Spring coming soon it will be a pleasure to wear. She can wear it during the week at work with a nice blouse or T-shirt and jacket but also during free time with a sweater.

Stretch structure fabric Homemade pencil skirt

Some lessons I’ve learned while making pencil skirts

Although I’ve made this pencil skirt a few times I still have to do each time some small alterations. I believe these alterations are due to the fabric choice. I always lock all the seams and then stitch the side seams with the largest stitch on my sewing machine. The skirt is worn inside out to see if it fits. Wearing it inside out als makes it easier to do alterations. Making a skirt with flat seams is probably little bit more work but the fit is so much better specially on the hips.

Zelfgemaakt kokerrokje in rekbare structuurstof

You want to try to make a pencil skirt too and also make one made to measure? Just take a look at how to make a fitted pencil skirt tutorial.

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