A while ago I across a remnant that already has turned into the Blackwood cardigan. My version of the Blackwood cardigan is made of bouclé fabric that has all kinds of pale colours like pink, light blue, green and yellow.
I wanted to make a matching T-shirt because I’ve a lot of grey and black T-shirts but no pink or light blue. My fabric stash isn’t that huge but between my leftovers I found a piece of suitable pink jersey that really matched beautiful with the bouclé fabric.
I decided to make JLH Gable Top pink version.

JLH Gable Top pink version

JLH Gable Top pattern and stitching

I decided to use JFL Gable Top again because the previous two Gable Top versions made me win one of Helen’s Closet patterns in a TMS Indie challenge.
This pink Gable Top is again only made with the overlocker and also has a flatlock hem finishing.
I also set-in the sleeves as I always do after closing the side and sleeve seams. It only takes a little bit more time but in my opinion a finished T-shirt has a better fit and wears more comfortable.

JLH Gable Top pink version

Time and Costs

Time: Cutting 30 minutes; Basting, stitching and finishing 5 hours
Costs: Fabric was a piece of leftover; Yarn € 2,00

JLH Gable Top roze versie

The JLH Gable Top pink version

I’m yet again very pleased with another version of the JLH Gable Top. A great addition to my wardrobe and something completely different then my usual black/grey/white choice.
The visible flatlock hem finishing isn’t something one can easily find in a store.
Making this type of T-shirts isn’t rocket science but it always takes me a long afternoon or two evenings to complete one.

JLH Gable Top pink version

Next project

JLH Gable Top pink version

I’ve already my next project lying on the table.
This make will be for the Let’s Sti(c)k Together challenge. I can’t reveal what this challenge is about but the pink Gable Top fits perfect with my new make.
It will be a wearable garment for the coming Spring. If you return next week to my blog you can see what I made.

4 Comments on JLH Gable Top pink version

    • Thank you so much Di. I’m at this moment mixing my usual colour scheme with more colours although I’ve to say I find t hard to use them in the Winter. I’ve cleared out my wardrobe and said goodbye to a few old and faded black/grey/white and try to replace them with blue and pink.

  1. Wow! Sonja you should wear that colour often. What a lovely top, perfectly complimenting the jeans and cardigan/jacket.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m also happy with my colour choice. I’m a experimenting at this moment to add more colour in my wardrobe.

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