I bought this fabric at Stoffenspektakel. Stoffenspektakel is one of the great fabric markets that’s held twice in a year: a Spring and Autumn Tour. One can visits these events on many locations in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and France.
I wanted to use this fabric for a short coat but sadly they gave me less then I asked for and not only that it was also not cut straight. The alternative came when I had to say goodbye to two jackets: I decided to make a new Chanel style jacket.

Homemade Chanel style jacket

Pattern for this Chanel style jacket

I used this pattern a few times before and not only for myself but also for the youngest daughter and even for these three white ladies suits. An original Chanel jacket has a three piece sleeve. My version is a two piece sleeve. I also didn’t make pockets because the fabric is very thick.

Homemade Chanel style jacket

Other details 

I used a piece of faux glittering dark grey leather to add details on the front of the jacket. A piece of leftover fabric is used for the facings and a heavy silk green lining to finish the jacket on the inside.

Homemade Chanel style jacket

The sleeves have sleeve headers so the cap will keeps its shape and also prevent the seam allowance from showing through on the outside of the jacket. I made the shoulder pads for a perfect fit in the jacket. The hanging loop is made of the lining.

Handgemaakt Chanel style jasje

To give this jacket more ease while wearing the lining has a center back pleat. This jacket is also finished the famous ingenious chain sewn on the hemline so that the jacket always will hang straight.

Homemade Chanel style jacket

Time and Costs en Kosten

Time: cutting 1,5 hour; basting, stitching and finishing 20 hours
Costs: fabric for jacket € 10,00; faux leather € 4,50; lining € 6,00; interfacing € 0,50; yarn € 5,00; chain € 5,00; sleeve heathers € 1,60

Homemade Chanel style jacket

My finished Homemade Chanel style jacket

I’m very pleased with the result of this jacket. On the other hand I still didn’t do some other ‘original’ details like quilting, pockets and buttonholes. This jacket is perfect to wear with jeans and a T-shirt. My last finished Gable Top looks perfect together under this jacket. 

Homemade Chanel style jacket

I just found two other pieces of jersey that also look great with this jacket as well. Time to start making them.

6 Comments on Homemade Chanel style jacket

    • Thank you so much. Coco Chanel was very ingenious when she decided to use a chain to add weight to the hem and it really is effective.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment Linda. I really enjoyed working despite the fact I didn’t end up with the jacket I wanted to make.

  1. Wow! That is some jacket. Isn’t it annoying when you don’t get given the quantity of fabric you’ve paid for? However, you’ve saved the day, well done.

    • Thank you so much Sue for you kind comment. It really is annoying but not give them any excuse: these fabric markets are so busy and the sellers have no room to lay the fabric flat while cutting.

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