The first day of 2019 is almost gone. After a quit New Years Eve we met each other at our annual social New Years Day neighbourhood party. I wore one of my LBD and made a plate filled with pigs in a blanket. (an idea of eldest daughter).
Besides ideas, plans and challenges for my homemade wardrobe I’m everyday working on 10k steps/day challenge.

Nieuwe uitdagingen voor 2019

10k steps/day challenge

I’ve started wearing a FitBit medio August 2018. A FitBit has a few advantages above a mobile phone. I sometimes forget to take my mobile phone with me and the FitBit is always on my wrist.
My 2017 average was 11.025. My 2018 average is 13.280. Pretty happy with this result.

Nieuwe uitdagingen voor 2019

Meat consumption

We saw on television a broadcast called Je biefstuk in de ogen kijken voordat je het slacht. The average meat consumption in the Netherlands is 77 kilo meat per year.
This broadcast made me wondering how much my husband and I eat. We don’t eat meat very day but I think we will be surprised to see how much we eat. I decided to keep track how much meat I’ve been buying in 2019. 

Nieuwe uitdagingen voor 2019

Clearing out and less stash

Every New Year start with good intentions. Clearing out is always on my list. Who hasn’t read Marie Kondō book. I’ve read it too and tried to follow her method.
One room is cleared out, some books have gone and I’ve reduced my fabric stash. I also came across some old magazines and decided to read them during Christmas. One of these magazine had an interesting article with the title ‘Embrace the Chaos’. The author of this article had put three years half of his house contents on the street.
He know is wondering: ‘Did those things ever did him anything wrong?’ Getting rid of dear stuff from the past when your not satisfied: is that a wise thing to do?
Of course we have an overload of stuff and sometimes clutter but sometimes a piece tells a story.

Nieuwe uitdagingen voor 2019

Organising, clearing out and less stash 2.0

The author ends his article with an Albert Einstein quote. ‘If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?’
Organising, clearing out and less stash 2.0 is going to be my 2019 challenge. I can’t always throw a precious piece away. Look at the golden fire cone in my homemade Christmas wreath. It’s the only piece left of all the Christmas decorations that used to hing in the Christmas tree when I was a child.
One more thing: a last remark about a cluttered desk. Sometimes I throw all my leftover pieces of fabric on the ground to have an overview and to get ideas. I like a mixture of order and chaos. Order in our living room and sleeping room but also one creative space with clutter.

8 Comments on New challenges for 2019

  1. I haven’t read Marie Kondo 😀 But I am a lazy, chaotic, half-messy clutter-person, there is just no hope, mainly because I don’t really care about order and ‘everything being clean’ as many others. It’s fine for me.
    I like your mixture. Sounds, like you know pretty good what works for you! I find that fascinating, getting inspiration from thrown-to-the-ground fabrics.

    • Decluttering, decluttering, organizing and simplifying your stuff works for some persons and doesn’t work for others. Being yourself is very important and I like the way you describe your way of living. When i start a sewing project (or any other project) it’s always from chaos so I can write down all the ideas and possibilities that I can see and have.

  2. The Einstein quote is so true. I went mad and cleared out a lot of my Mum’s stuff and have bitterly regretted it – not that I needed it, but just that it was precious to her and now it’s gone. I have an Apple watch that tracks my every move, I found that I could cheat too much with the fitbit.

    • So sorry to hear that a lot of your mothers belongings are gone. My mother was recently clearing out and wanted to throw a photo away of my grandparents (the father and mother of my father). I saved and it’s the only photo I have of my grandparents together with my uncle and his wife, my mother and me as a little girl. I’me really curious to know why you approve an Apple watch above a FitBit and how easy one can ‘cheat’ with a FitBit.

      • Maybe the Fitbits have improved but I was averaging 28,000 steps a day with my Fitbit, whereas I get about 17,000 a day with my watch and I haven’t changed anything. I found that I got a lot of steps over a bumpy car ride for example. The watch has a GPS built in, so it can track my walks.

        • Thank you for your answer. You’ve experiences a big difference between the FitBit and the watch. I think FitBit has done some improvements. I’ve walked with my phone and FitBit together for one week and had almost the same result. My FitBit also seems not to react to easy when I’m typing or doing other kind of work.

  3. I love the Einstein quote
    I really must reduce my stash too but I feel this will be another failed resolution as I haven’t really managed it in 2018.
    Love my Fitbit and will definetely keep tracking my steps in 2019

    • The Einstein quote is indeed a great quote. I kept the article in my notebook just to remind me that sometimes things are too precious to get rid of. My stash is slowly reducing but zero stash in my case is an illusion. Too much fabric shops in my neighbourhood are closed. I was able to control my fabric stash in 2018 but failed when it came to sewing patterns.
      I’m really enjoying my FitBit too and hope that I can repeat about the same average of 2018 in 2019.

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