A Christmas wreath hanging on the front door is welcoming but it also looks great hanging in the living room near the Christmas tree. Not surprisingly that a home-made Christmas wreath was on my sewing list.
Someone showed more then two years ago on Facebook this Spring wreath with the suggestion it could easily be transformed into one suitable for Christmas. I bought a straw wreath, a few Christmas fabrics and both went into bag. This bag ended up in a cupboard.
I placed this make on my monthly sewing list at the beginning of this year and now this wreath is my fifth Christmas sewing project.

Homemade fabric Christmas wreath

Making the Christmas wreath

The pattern gives a clear list of the materials needed to make this type of wreaths. Every step is also illustrated with clear photo’s. Great for those who never made a wreath before.
I first wrapped the wreath in a strip of jersey fabric that come from a discarded T-shirt and was cut into one long strip.
I don’t own a glue gun and also didn’t have suitable fabric glue so instead of glueing I sewed all the leaves by hand on the wreath.

Homemade fabric Christmas wreath

Time and Costs

Time: cutting the squares out of the different fabrics 2 hours; cutting T-shirt and wrapping around the wreath 30 minutes; folding the squares into ‘leaves’ and sewn them on the wreath 12 hours; finishing 15 minutes
Costs: straw wreath € 2,50; fabrics € 3,00

Zelfgemaakte stoffen kerstkrans

My wreath

My wreath has 58 leaves despite being smaller then the original one used in the pattern. This is probably due to the fact that the straw version is rounder than the Styrofoam wreath. This more round shape made that I had to place the leaves carefully to make sure that the fabric of the T-shirt would be invisible.
It’s a great and fun project and can easy be done during a few evenings even without a glue gun. It happened a few times that I wasn’t happy with the location of some leaves so unpicking was an easy job.
If I ever make another wreath I probably pin all the leaves in place first and then sewn them on.
In the meantime I found one last small project for all the small pieces of leftover fabrics. You can see this make on the coming Friday.

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    • Thank you so much. It’s indeed going to look a bit overdecorated but we decided not to have don’t have a Christmas tree this year.

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