When I visited the Stoffenspektakel I was also looking for some fabrics for my mother. She wanted a new cardigan and sweater. It’s always a bit tricky buying fabric for someone else with a few indications. She wanted no back or grey but red, mustard yellow or green.
My first purchase for her was a kind of jeans coloured fabric with a with a low relief bubble texture. Perfect for the cardigan. I also started looking for possible patterns in sewing magazines but also did a search on the internet.
The Pruella Cardigan jOne looked something my mother would like and after looking at all the patterns she decided to go for the jOne.

Cardigan jOne from Pruella

Pruella Cardigan jOne pattern

One can take a look at de sewing instructions first without buying the pattern. I find this a great advantage. One can see the construction, the pattern pieces, recommended fabric and pattern lay-out.
Not all seam allowances are added so reading the instructies must be read carefully to avoid disappointments on this point.
This Cardigan jOne from Pruella has two eye catchers. The collar pleat and the deep pockets that are sewn in the slanted cut seams.

Cardigan jOne from Pruella


I used the locker and coverlock to sew this cardigan together following the sewing instructions.
The sleeves are 5 centimeters longer then the original ones but when my mother fitted the cardigan the sleeves were still a slightly too short. I added 4 centimeters broad cuffs so now they are long enough.

Cardigan jOne from Pruella

Time and Costs

Time: pattern printing, assembling and alterations 45 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 6 hours
Costs: patterns € 7,90; printing and assembling € 2,70; fabric € 20,00; yarn € 2,00

Cardigan jOne from Pruella

My experience with the Cardigan jOne from Pruella

I made size XL for my mother. The version I made for my mothers is 10 centimeters shorter then the original cardigan.
The sewing instructions are well written and the supporting illustrations are good. For fairness I have to say that illustrations are a little bit small. I never print the sewing illustrations but view them on my laptop so it’s to enlarge them.
The outcome looks great and I’ll certainly use it again probably to make one for myself as well.
And my mother? She pleased with her new cardigan. It’s has a good fit, enough stretch, good pockets and last but not least it keeps her warm during the cold Winter evenings.

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