After making the Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater some small pieces of fabric were left. What can one do with these small pieces? Now Halloween is almost there I receive emails with lots of creative ideas to make for this event. In the Netherlands Halloween isn’t very populair but when I saw a few bats I decided to turn the leftover pieces into one. Time to start looking for a suitable pattern.

SpoOctober Batty Bat

Halloween and Sint Maarten

Halloween looks a bit like Sint Maarten. Children go in the early hours of the evening around houses singing to collect sweets. They carry lighted lanterns. For Sint Maarten homemade paper lanterns and for Halloween kids a pumpkin Jack-o-lantern. Other famous Halloween figures are witches, spiders, black cats, skeletons and bats.

SpoOctober Batty Bat

Bat pattern

I did a search on internet and found some interesting patterns on Google and Pinterest. This cute looking Cutie Fledermaus but also a very soft Plush Bat and this combination doudou d’Halloween of a bat and ghost. 

SpoOctober Batty Bat

SpoOctober Batty Bat

And the I came across Batty. This Batty bat pattern is a free pattern and isn’t he cute. All pattern pieces have fusible interfacing due to the fact I was using Ponta di Roma that has a little bit of stretch. One part of the wings is made of a piece of leftover gold fabric. It was bought about ten years ago when our youngest turned 16.

Hallo Halloween Batty Vleermuis

She wanted some applications on a RTW Tank Top for her. The wings are ‘stuffed’ with some polyester batting while stitching the wings together. This pattern comes without legs so I drafted some legs and made them from a small piece of leftover faux black leather. I used the smallest shirt dress buttons for the eyes.

SpoOctober Batty Bat

Time and Costs

Time: cutting 30 minutes; stitching, stuffing and finishing 6 hours
Costs: printing € 0,10; fusible interfacing € 0,50; yarn € 1,00; polyester batting for wings and fiberfill for stuffing € 2,00

Clementine Cat

I didn’t gave my Clementine Cat no whiskers because making them from knitting yarn made them hang down and gave my cat a sadly look. Until now. Our youngest daughter gave me a pair of discarded cozy bunny slippers. One had the whiskers still on it. They were made of nylon thread.

SpoOctober Batty Bat

I used thin nylon picture hanging cord. Really happy how my Clementine Cat looks now.  

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    • I’m so glad that the cat now is complete with whiskers. I also found some even other idea to make whiskers: 0.8mm white nylon fishing line cord.

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