Assembly Line is a new Swedish Indie pattern designer. Their designs have that famous stylish Scandinavian and minimalistic look. This Elastic Tie Sweater is a perfect example of this type of design. The pleated col is held together with an elastic cord. These pleats have the function of darts. Fabric suggestions for this Elastic Tie Sweater: jeans, wool en canvas. I bought this pattern at Stik&Stof (nowadays Meet&Make). This shop just started selling a few Assembly Line pattern and lucky for me the Elastic Tie Sweater is one of them.

Elastic Tie Sweater from Assembly Line

Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater Pattern

The patterns are only available as a paper pattern and comes in single size only. Seam allowances are added. The patterns come in a beautiful A4-enveloppe. You can also find excellent English instructions with great illustrations to help you sewing this sweater together in the same enveloppe as well.

Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater

All patterns come with a woven Assembly Line label that you can sew in a finished garment. The Elastic Tie Sweater is noted as easy. You can find the measurements of the finished garments on their website so you can easily choose the size you want to make.

Elastic Tie Sweater from Assembly Line

Stitching the Elastic Tie Sweater together

I made my version from a light weighted Punta di Roma that was still in my stash. The original sweater has a center back seam that I skipped so the pattern of fabric isn’t interrupted.

Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater

The pattern is designed for body length 1.70 meter. My version is 5 centimeters longer. I already said this pattern is marked as easy. The only part that takes some patience and skill is when the neckline is attached to the back. But if you follow the instructions carefully, take some time and have some patience the result will be perfect. The holes for the elastic cord are sewn with my sewing machine.

Elastic Tie Sweater from Assembly Line

Time and Costs

Time: cutting fabric 30 minutes; tailor tacking, stitching and finishing 7 hours
Costs: pattern € 18,75; fabric € 17,25; yarn € 3,00; interfacing € 0,50; elastic cord € 1,00

Elastic Tie Sweater from Assembly Line

My experience with Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater 

I’m really pleased with my version of the Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater. My version is made in XS because I prefer a more fitted sweater. This sweater fits perfectly in my style. For a first attempt this Punta di Roma fabric is perfect.

Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater

The price of the pattern is probably a little bit steep but for me personal worth every penny. One must consider it’s a single size only printed version on high quality paper. The pattern comes with well written instructions and good made illustrations. I will make this Assembly Line Elastic Tie Sweater again in the future in a another fabric quality and in a solid colour but also in a longer version.

4 Comments on Elastic Tie Sweater from Assembly Line

  1. Thanks so much for posting this review. I’m contemplating this pattern, but I’m quite petite and easily overwhelmed by “boxy” styles, as this one appears to be. But yours looks nicely slim and trim. Did you take in the side seams at all for additional shaping?

    • You’re welcome.The original sweater isn’t that long. I made my version 5 centimeter longer. You can also find the finished measurements on their website. Just like you I’m not a huge fan of an oversized boxy style. Based on these measurements I decided to make XS. This pattern has no dropped shoulder seams and that was also a winner for me. I hope this answer will help you with your decision.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. This sweater is great addition to my usual black-white colour scheme and adds a splash of colour too.

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