After a long and sometimes hot summer Autumn is peeping around the corner. Now the Summer is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere and days are slowly getting shorter so evening and nights are slowly getting longer. Sometimes September but also October can bring some nice, warm days. So I made a Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version for the ‘Sew Long Summer 2018’ Blog Tour.

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version free pattern pieces

This is my fourth version of the Zonen09 Theo overhemd but my first poloshirt version. Just Delphine added a comment when I made the La Maison Victor Aspen polo. She often makes clothes for her husband and usus mostly the Zonen09 Theo overhemd to make poloshirts for him. Zonen09 offers a separate free tutorial with pattern pieces to make a poloshirt version of the Zonen09 overhemd. My husband wanted a new poloshirt and he asked me to look for a fabric with light colours. This striped fabric fits perfect with his new RTW shorts. Time to pre-wash the fabric, start preparing and drafting the missing pattern pieces.

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version

Fabric and Pattern

This fabric was bought at Hollands Stoffenhuis. They have a remnant bin. I’ve already picked up some useful pieces in the past and this striped fabric comes from this remnant bin too. The contrast fabric comes from a discarded T-shirt. 

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version

My Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version has no shoulder yoke. This is added to the front and back pattern pieces. The back pleat is also skipped due to use of jersey fabric.

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version


My first action was making the breast pocket. A little bit of stripe playing to create a feature element. Then the placket for the polo closure was sewn. After closing both shoulder seams the collar was sewn on the neckline. This poloshirt doesn’t have a collar stand. That sounds like an easy job but in my opinion it isn’t. I used a binding to create a perfect and professional looking finish. 

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version

When this was done the rest was a piece of cake.

Time and Costs

Time: preparing the pattern, redrafting collar and drafting the placket 45 minutes; cutting 30 minutes; sewing and finishing 8 hours
Costs: fabric € 7,50; yarn € 3,00; interfacing € 0.50; buttons € 1,00

Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version


My husband is pleased with his new poloshirt. It fits perfect. It’s a medium weight fabric, soft and feels great on his skin. This Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version has a high/low hem. The top stitching of the hem runs back and the front at the same height. This time the sleeve hasn’t a fake turn up sleeve construction.

‘Sew Long Summer 2018’ Blog Tour.

This whole week more makers will show their creations for this version of the ‘Sew Long Summer 2018’ Blog Tour. The Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version isn’t my only contribution. Coming Friday you can see my second make. Don’t want to miss the second make? Just take a newsletter subscription or if you also use WordPress just click on the follow button at the bottom of this page.
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12 Comments on Zonen09 Theo overhemd poloshirt version

    • Thank you so much Ann. I started sewing for my husband about three years ago and it really is great fun to make items for him. I highly can recommend the Zonen09 overhemd pattern specially due the fact it also has the free download for the polo version.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. It really is my aim to try to give all my homemade clothes a professional look.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. It’s my goal to make it that it looks as professional as possible. It takes a lots of patience and the help of my seam ripper. I rather make one perfect garment them two.

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