Youngest daughter and I went again to Holland Stoffenhuis in Leiden. I had a Elle Puls pattern that needed to be tested and had to buy suitable fabric. We always take a look in the remnant bin and youngest daughter found a piece of fabric with wybert pattern in ecru, black and gold. She’s very pleased with her Homemade basic T-shirt dress and asked me if the piece of fabric was enough to make another one. Lucky for her it was just enough. So now we had both a suitable fabric and after paying we went back home.

Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

Materials and Pattern

I first pre-washed the fabric. In the meantime I started looking for a suitable zipper. She wanted an exposed zipper so a black zipper with golden teeth had her preference. The fabric was dry and it was cutting time.

Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

making the dress

This fabric looks almost the same as the fabric used for the previous dress. It also has a kind a of relief, is firm and has stretch. I didn’t add seam allowances when I drafted the dress. When I made the first one I wrote all the added seam allowances down. These type of dresses are easy to make. I started with sewing the exposed zipper using and invisible method.

Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

The most difficult part is the neck facings. You don’t want them to flip out all the time. This fabric is a bit thick and firm so it takes a little bit of patience, under stitching and stabilising the facings to get them flat and stay flat while wearing.

Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

Time and Costs:

Time: cutting 60 minutes; basting and fitting 1 hour; stitching and finishing 6 hours
Costs: fabric € 8,00; yarn € 3,00; zipper € 2,50; interfacing € 0,50

Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

Youngest daughter and her Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

Now Summer is coming to an end this dress is a perfect piece to wear. She is very happy with her new dress. The exposed zipper is a great looking detail and has a perfect match with the fabric colours. I spend a lot of time to let the pattern run through. Making this dress took me more time then the striped version last time.

Chique Homemade basic Autumn dress

Precision while cutting but also while stitching. Using lots of pins and basting takes time but both really help to get a crisp result and a clean looking finish.
My next project is already printed. Although we still have sunny days it will be Christmas in less the 13 weeks. You’ve probably guessed it: my next make has got something to do with Christmas. 

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    • She loves this type of dress. I told her how much fabric she needs for these type of dresses so she now when she sees fabric(s) she likes she can buy it when I’m not around.

Leuk dat je de tijd nam om mijn bericht te lezen. Ik hoor graag wat je er van vond. Thank you for taking the time reading this blogpost and taking the time to write a comment for this post. I really do appreciate it.

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