Today a new sewing magazine has been released: Fibre Mood. It’s has his roots in Belgium and to get into the Fibre Mood one can download the te Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern. The Frances Top is an oversized top made from a lightweight woven fabric. It has short, loose gathered sleeves. The neckline is wide, round and at the back slightly deeper then the front. And the back hem has a slightly round finish. Sizes run between XS (size 32-34) until XXXL (size 56-58-60). Pattern are marked with stars to show the difficulty of the sewing involved (one for beginner until five for expert). This Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern has one star.

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

A little bit more about Fibre Mood

Fibre Mood will be released every two months. Each magazine will have 12 knitting and sewing patterns for all members of the family. Fibre Mood offers you support in the form of well written sewing instructions and material advices to finish your projects. They also give styling advices, fashion trends will be followed and an active community. At this moment I’m not able to show you the first Fibre Mood but as soon I’ll have a copy of this first magazine in my possession you can read the review on my blogpost.

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top my version

The download was almost two months on my laptop. My fabric stash is very limited now so time to do some fabric shopping first. This viscose dark blue fabric with a cute elephant print caught my eye. Perfect to wear on a regulair blue jeans but also on red jeans. I drafted the pattern between XS and S. My front hem is also slightly curved at the front. I used the neckline from the pattern but wanted to give it feature.

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

So I created a V-shaped slit at the back with a small tab closure. This little alteration let to self drafted facings for the neckline. Starting after breakfast my Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top was by lunchtime ready to wear.

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

Time and Costs

Time: pattern printing and assembling 30 minutes; grafring facings and tab 15 minutes; cutting 20 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 4 hours
Costs: pattern printing and assembling € 2,50; fabric € 7,50; yarn € 2,00; interfacing € 0,25; elastic € 1,50

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

My experience with the Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top

The Frances Top is a great example of a cute fashionable Top that it’s easy to make. It’s a very versatile pattern that invites you to make alterations. You can easily turn this into a great Summer dress by lengthening this Top. The neckline can be altered and also the shape of the hem.

Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

Because there’s hardly a difference between the front and back so you wear the back as front. So as you can see my designed V-shaped slit is a great feature at the back but also looks great at the front.

2 Comments on Fibre Mood Oversized Frances Top Free Pattern

  1. The neck feature is gorgeous, but I also love those sleeves. I can imagine that this top will be in constant rotation. I doubt that this magazine will come to my part of the world but will keep an eye out for it.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment Sue. This Top will be worn during weekends and holidays. Although Fibre Mood has also a few selling points all over the world Australia doesn’t seems to have one unfortunately.

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