After making three pleated skirts without a pattern I decided to go searching for a pattern with some interesting details.

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

And lucky me I came across #greatbigpatternswap on IG. Someone was offering a BurdaSyle. She was offering the May 2012 and showed the content of the magazine. Skirt 118 looked very attractive, showed my interest, gave my address and a few day laters I was the lucky owner of this BurdaStyle magazine. There was a little note on the magazine wishing me lots of pleasure with the magazine. The next step was finding suitable fabric for my next skirt. 

BurdaStyle Mei 2012 rok 118 BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

Fabric and Pattern

Besides Jan Sikkes there are no other fabric shops anymore in my neighbourhood. But lucky me I found a piece of chambray fabric between the remnants. It had a nice jeans colour too so perfect for my skirt.

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

Due to the fact it was a bit light weighted I decided to sew a visible zipper in the center back instead of a front the jeans closure. And then after a night of sleep I also wanted a pleated back. So I had altered the back pattern piece and after one of drafting my new back pattern was ready to pin on the fabric.

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118


Making the skirt with the pockets wasn’t difficult. Although the sewing instructions were in French, summier,  had no illustrations they were complete and easy to follow. The visible zipper has no visible stitching on the right side.

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

A detail I love. Topstitching is done with dome light grey yarn. The waistband had heavy duty interfacing. Besides the zipper the skirt also closes with a button. The buttonhole is sewn on a fabric tab that is attached on the waistband.

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

Time and Costs

Time: tracing the pattern 30 minutes; pattern alterations 60 minutes; cutting 30 minutes; bastng, sewing and finishing 10 hours
Costs: fabric € 9,50; yarn € 3,50; interfacing € 0,50; zipper € 2,50; buttons € 1,00

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118


I’m very pleased with the new skirt. The waistband has an usual round shape towards center front and back. This shape gives this skirt a nice feminine detail. The only thing is that I have to iron this skirt every day because the fabric wrinkles a lot. But on the other hand it gives this skirt a nice easy breezy Summer feeling.

BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

I like to wear my jeans and skirts with a belt so this skirt also has belt loops. My BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118 is made in size 34 and about 6 centimeters longer. You can see me wearing the skirt with one of my favourite Tops: the refashion using the Nanoo Lillian dress. 

4 Comments on BurdaStyle May 2012 skirt 118

    • Thank you so much Sue. I love adding details to my homemade garments. Looking forward to see where you will be using this ’tab idea’.

    • Thank you so much. It’s indeed a great colour that I can with lots of Tops is all kind of colours. I made the tab because the fabric is so soft and light weighted and this more firm then a buttonhole in the waistband.

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