We already had some hot sunny days and in the meantime my summer wardrobe also started growing. I’ve to admit wearing a skirt is far better then a jeans. This Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination is my contribution for the ‘Lets Sti(c)k Together July challenge. The theme was this time ‘holiday’. You want to know how this combination fills the theme? This combination will be in my suitcase of course but fabric and pattern choose are also part of the this July theme.

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination materials

I bought this fabric two years ago while spending our holiday in France. Eldest daughter and I visited Rouen. Before leaving our gîte I checked if there where any fabric shops in Rouen. We visited two of them, TOTO tissus and Mondial Tissus. This fabric wasn’t bought in one of them but in Eurodif.

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hallo Zon Vakantie setje

We saw this departement store when we started walking into Rouen and decided to take a look inside. As a surprise we found out Eurodif was also selling fabrics. This 100% cotton fabric was bought to make a blouse but I didn’t find the right pattern for it. So finally it became this Summer skirt. And to keep a French theme I decided to make a second Orgaeuse Paris Top. This time with lace triangle-shaped yokes for a little bit of oh là là.

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination

Cutting and Stitching

I decided to make another box pleat skirt and made the same pocket design as in the Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination. Having only enough fabric for one skirt length and 140 cm width made it impossible to sew side seams. This triangle-shaped boundless welt pocket has some black fabric that can be seen at the opening of the pocket.

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination

The waistband is finished with a small piece of the same black fabric and has belt loops. I used a blind zipper to close the skirt and a handworked thread loop with button.
Lace was used for the triangle-shaped yokes came from a discarded T-shirt. This lace has some stretch and has the required width that was necessary to make this yokes.

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination

Time and Costs

Time for the skirt: cutting 45 minutes; pleat designing and basting 6 hours; basting, stitching and finishing 10 hours
Time for the top: cutting 30 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 4 hours
Costs for the skirt: fabric € 10,00; yarn € 3,00; interfacing for waistband € 0,50; zipper € 3,00; button € 0,50
Costs for the top: The fabric was a gift from Nooteboom after being part of the KNIPster 2016 sewing award; yarn € 2,00

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination

My Summer skirt experience

We already had many sunny days but the weather forecast for this week also shows more hot and sunny days. So the coming days will be filled with my just made three Summer skirt combinations. I also wear these three skirt in combination with my other T-shirts. After making three pleated skirts it’s also time to look for another skirt model. My husband also would like to have a new poloshirt. And last but not least I want to make a pair of shorts. But that will be a 2019 project.

Orgaeuse Paris Top Hello Sunshine combination

Lets Sti(c)k Together holiday challenge and other participants

I wasn’t the only one who made something for this Lets Sti(c)k Together holiday challenge. If you would like to see what all the other participants made just take a look at their blog as well.
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    • Dank je wel. By the way: jij was er vroeg bij. Mijn blogposten staan sinds begin dit jaar in twee talen op mijn blog maar dan als aparte blogposten. Ik ga vanavond alle bijdrages bekijken en ben reuze benieuwd wat iedereen gemaakt heeft.

      • Ah, dat had ik niet opgemerkt, van die twee talen. Ik vroeg mij al af waarom je nu in het Engels blogde. Ja, ik vertrek om half zes naar het werk. Als mijn man rijdt, kan ik intussen rustig blogjes lezen 🙂

        • Jullie zijn echt twee early birds. Heerlijk als je wederhelft wil rijden en jij ondertussen de tijd aan het lezen van blogs kunt besteden. Ik ontdekte blogs toen ik bijna 5 jaar geleden besloot om al mijn eigen kleding zelf te maken. Zo maakte ik in eerste instantie kennis met Engelstalige blogs. Bij mijn eerste blogberichten zijn de twee talen nog gecombineerd in één bericht maar sinds begin dit jaar maak ik twee berichten. Ik wil uiteindelijk twee aparte blogs met twee namen: de eerste wordt Nederlands en de tweede Engels.

Leuk dat je de tijd nam om mijn bericht te lezen. Ik hoor graag wat je er van vond. Thank you for taking the time reading this blogpost and taking the time to write a comment for this post. I really do appreciate it.

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