I’ve been thinking for a while what to make from this fabric. I had spotted the Closet Case Charlie caftan a while ago and wanted to use it for this pattern. Closet Case has some great designs. The Kalle shirt is a perfect example of a Closet Case pattern that I’ve used already twice in a hack. I decided to make a toile first. The fit wasn’t what I was looking for and I didn’t had any idea what I had to change for a better look. In the meantime I made this two-piece refashion combination and wrote a blogpost about plastic free sewing. One thing let to another and this two piece Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination is the result.

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination


This fabric came from a swap. I was a member of sewing club for a while. This sewing club wan’t a huge success. We only had a few meetings and then the club stopped. We held a fabric swap on one of this meetings. A few fabrics left my stash and three others came back home. This LMV Aster cardigan is made of two of these fabrics. This is a Michael Miller fabric called Rain Dot. It has big bold oval shaped pattern in shades of green.  It’s made of 100% cotton. Perfect to wear on a warm Summer day.

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination


I decided to make a pleated skirt instead due to the big bold pattern and a boxy short Top. It took me four evenings to find the right pleat design to have a good looking pattern that didn’t looked too messy. The Top was much easier to design. I used one of my T-shirts as a guideline to draft a loose fitted boxy Top.

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination


I wanted pockets (who can do without them) in my skirt. This skirt has unlike my first skirt no side seams. So I made a welt pocket without a bound. The pocket has a kind of half oval shape and is finished with a piece of the darkest green that can be seen at the opening of the pocket. I used the same colour for the waistband. The pattern is also running trough at the center back. An invisible zipper is added and the waistband is finished with a button.

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination

Now for the boxy Top. Here the pattern is also running trough at the center front and center back. Sleeves, neckline and hem are all finished with a bias cut piece of fabric. Buttons at center front so the Top can easily put on and off.

Time and Costs

Time for the skirt: cutting 45 minutes; pleat designing and basting pleats 8 hours; basting, stitching and finishing 10 hours
Time for Top: pattern drafting 30 minutes; cutting Top and bias tape 60 minutes; basting, sewing and finishing 6 hours
Costs skirt and Top: this fabric came from a swap so I charge as costs this fabric € 23,80; yarn € 5,00; linnen waistband interfacing € 1,00; interfacing Top € 0,50; zipper € 3,00; button skirt € 0,75; buttons Top € 5,25

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination titel

The fabric is 100% cotton and all buttons are made of acryl. I used different shades of green yarn to get the best match with all the green colours in the fabric. All yarns were on paper or cardboard rolls. Sadly I wan’t able to find a plastic free invisible zipper and wondering if they exist. Does someone know?

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination


This Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination is completely different then my refashion combination. The green colour is a bit unusual and I wouldn’t probably have chosen it. The bold design however looked very appealing to me. I found perfect matching buttons and also a pair of dark green ballerina’s. Perfect holiday wear.

Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination

You perhaps remember this green jersey fabric that I showed in my Seamstress looks for help blogpost. Time to using this for a matching T-shirtje as well. But first I need to make my contribution for the July Let’s Sti(c)k Together challenge. It must be ready next week. You like to read what the theme is and what I’m making? Just take a newsletter subscription, start following my WordPress blog (if you use WordPress as well) or bloglovin’.

4 Comments on Green Greener almost Greenest Garment Combination

  1. I’m fascinated that the colours in this are greens as the top looks like yellow dots and the skirt blue dots! Not that it matters because this fabric makes the most perfect skirt and top and I am sure you will be able to mix and match them brilliantly with other things in your wardrobe.

    • Thank you Sue. It was hard to get the colours right on the photo’s. When I finally decided to make this two piece outfit I already thought about the coming vacation and the available space in the suitcase. Last two years were sometimes very hot in France so a skirt and dress are far more then jeans.

    • Thank you so much Diane. You’re right it’s completely different then my usual black/white colour scheme. But on the other hand it’s great to surprise some of my friends with this unusual outfit (the always see me wearing jeans) and colour choice.

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