During the previous month you could follow on a daily base what I was wearing on IG. In April 2014 I decided  to make all my own clothes. Every time when I’ve to say goodbye to a RTW garment it’s replaced by a new homemade item. About 75% of my wardrobe is already handmade. This is third time that I’ve joined this IG MeMadeMay happening. I even managed to wear complete 100% outfits in 2015. So how was I doing this year? Time for a small review of my MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes. 

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

Selecting clothes for the MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

I had prepared myself and had already made a list of what I wanted to wear and the combinations I wanted to show. Theme’s was the answer in the form of refashions, pattern hacks, stripe playing, monochroom and first makes. Well I had to change a few times my carefully planned combinations due to the unpredictable Dutch weather.

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

We had days filled with sunshine. One day could be hot and the next day it was back to cold. The weather could also change during the day. Starting cold and changing into sunshine with corresponding temperature. Wearing cardigans and jackets was sometimes the best solution for those days.

The kickoff and what I was wearing

The first of May started with an appointment at the hairdresser wearing a self drafted black jeans and the Le002 DPstudio sweater.

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

During the month some colourful combinations were alternated by my usual monochroom colour scheme. Golden oldies like the Colette Sorbetto Top (what actually was my first hack although I wasn’t familiar with that therm at that moment) and a jacket in Chanel style appeared.

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

I also showed my last make the Oraguese Paris Top. One piece of clothes was worn on two on following days: the GBSB Drapey Knit Dress. Saturday during the 10 km walking in Leiden and the next day when I was out with my 10.000 steps walking club. Sometimes my husband made his appearance too when he was wearing one of me made for him items as well. 

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

What did I make during MeMadeMay 2018

No clothes for me during this month. But I did filled in a kind of mother theme. The Easy Vogue blouse as part of my contribution for the Let’s Sti(c)k Together monthly sewing challenge (daughter sews for her mother). I also made a new made to measure T-shirt for her. For an expecting mother I sewed a baby outfit. The youngest daughter was happy with her two new pencil skirts and her first made by me T-shirt dress.

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

What is missing in my wardrobe

One dress to wear isn’t very practical when temperatures are 30°C and more. Time to think about a solution for this lack. I’ve already found two suitable garments that I want to make. As a typical jeans wearing person a bit scary but also exciting.

MeMadeMay 2018 showing homemade clothes

For one of these garments I start with a toile first because I can’t effort to make any mistakes due to limit available fabric. You like to see what a passionate jeans maker can sew besides the usual jeans and you don’t want to miss the result? You can start following my blog or take a newsletter subscription.

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    • Thank you so much. The big advantage of the MMMay show is that you realise what you wear. Unlike you I sew a lot monochroom. You always have beautiful, colourful clothes. These choose for one of these type of colour pallets is perhaps what gives us confidence.

Leuk dat je de tijd nam om mijn bericht te lezen. Ik hoor graag wat je er van vond. Thank you for taking the time reading this blogpost and taking the time to write a comment for this post. I really do appreciate it.

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