This LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version also comes from the LMV May/June 2018-edition. The Top is named after another Scandinavian city namely the capitol city of Norway. The LMV Oslo Blouse is a cropped Top with long sleeves. LMV made in a denim version. The same fabric is also used for the LMV Malmö broek. You end up with a beautiful one colour two piece outfit. The pictures shows a pretty looking outfit but for my taste it was to much denim. I prefer a two colour outfit and decided to use a large piece of leftover fabric.

LMV Oslo Blouse jersey versie

This odd shaped piece was leftover after making the DPStudio Le002 Pull. It would take me some time but I had the feeling it was doable to make the LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version  out of the leftover fabric.

LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

Fabric suggestion for the LMV Oslo Blouse

LMV suggests to use a firm fabric for the Oslo Blouse. A woven fabric or with some stretch would be ideal. I wanted to use a fabric with some stretch for a comfortable wear. This LMV Oslo Blouse has a short length and a fitted look so a fabric with some stretch would be more suitable in my opinion. My piece of leftover fabric has the same stretch as stretch as the jeans fabric. The fabric has a kind of metallic silver look.

LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

Pattern and Stitching

I traced this Top in size 38 and graded it down to size 36 at the waist. The shoulders are also made a little bit wider for a better fit due to be my brought shoulders. The fabric was laid on the ground and after an evening of shifting my pattern pieces around the perfect lay-out was found. The waistband is cut in three pieces because I didn’t have enough fabric to cut it in one piece.

LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

Although this fabric doesn’t fray all seams have a serger finish. All seams are flat and are stitched with a coverstitch machine. I made a zipper closure at the back instead of making the slit and button closure at the waistband. 

LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

Time and Costs

Time: tracing the pattern 45 minutes; looking for pattern lay-out and cutting 4 hours; stitching and finishing 8 hours
Costs: LMV € 3,00 (I’ll use this May/Juni 2018 edition for three makes); yarn € 3,00; zipper € 2,50; interfacing € 1,00

LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

Result and Experience

I’m very pleased with my LMV Malmö Broek LMV Oslo Blouse combination. The jeans fabric and the light grey French terry are a perfect match because both fabrics have a slight glitter coat. My version of the LMV Oslo Blouse can be worn with the zipper closed or closed just above the waistband. My finished Top doesn’t have a center front seam like the original model. I hadn’t seen that but I prefer it without this seam to be honest. It looks more stylish without this extra seam.

LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

This Top can be made by less experienced seamstresses too.
Do you use leftover pieces of fabric to make clothes? How much time do you invest to find the perfect lay-out for the pattern pieces?

7 Comments on LMV Oslo Blouse French Terry version

  1. I agree that the top looks better without a centre seam. I love that zip detail in the back, it really lifts the top to another level.

    • I agree with you that this Top looks better without the front centre seam. The zipper looks more stylish and is also a more suitable solution in combination with the French terry.

  2. It is always great to find a project for the leftovers. Mine are unfortunatelly usually a lot smaller…
    The detail in the back with the zipper is great! It is a great change and gives a lot more modern feel to the top.

    • Thank you so much. Adding the zipper really gives this Top a different look. The size and shape of this piece of leftover was due to the unusual design of the DPstudio pull Le002. Normally I also have smaller pieces of leftover fabric. And yes it’s always hard to find bood use for them. Sometimes I can use them to make clothes for small children and soft toys so I can give them away for charity purpose like sales for fundraising.

    • Thank you so much. It really is a great Top and a great way to use a piece of leftover fabric. The zipper suited me more then the buttons.

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