The May/June 2018 edition of the Belgium La Maison Victor is filled with sewing patterns that have names of cities from all over the world. This LMV Malmö Broek is one of them. Its’s a trouser in jeans-style. Jeans are classic, a must have. Something to have in your wardrobe. I decided to give this LMV Malmö Broek pattern a go instead of my TNT self drafted jeans pattern. My LMV Malmö Broek jeansstyle is also made of jeans fabric with a small amount of the stretch just like the magazine suggested. This fabric comes form my stash.

LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

The pattern alterations for the LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

Before jumping I did some research first because I didn’t want to end up with a jeans I could swim in. After some measurements size 34 was copied form the pattern sheet. I already knew that it still was to big around the hips so that was changed first. The seat curve was also changed a little bit for a better fit as well.

LMV Malmö Broek jeansstijl

The inner pockets are also redesigned so that they can be sewn together with the fly. The back pockets have my personal model. A well chosen back pocket is a feature for having perfect looking jeans. 

LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

Cutting and Stitching

This LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style is cut using the ‘how to avoid twisting legs’ method. Basically you cut each pattern piece individually and turn one pattern 180º so your seams will stay perfect straight while wearing and wouldn’t twits to front or back. A common thing that often happens after washing a RTW jeans.

LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

La Maison Victor always gives add to each pattern a complete sewing instructions with good illustrations as well. It can’t go wrong if you follow them correctly. I did follow them this time from beginning to end and it didn’t fail on one point at all. All seams are finished with an overlocker before sewing. I used four different colours. Inner pockets and waistband are finished with bias binding made from a piece of leftover lining. I used some grey topstitching yarn to make a match with my Top that’s ready to be cut. 

LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

Time and Costs

Time: pattern copying 45 minutes; pattern alterations 20 minutes; cutting 75 minutes; basting, refitting, stitching and finishing 11 hours
Costs: LMV € 3,00 (I use this magazine for two more makes); fabric € 15,00; yarn € 6,50; zipper € 2,50; interfacing € 0,50; button € 0,75

LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

Result and Experience

The jeans fits perfect. This jeans has a little bit more style then a regulair jeans. The front pockets look more feminine and the colour of the topstitching isn’t so visible as well. My alterations paid of well. I’ve cut away at least 6 centimeters around the hips and about 4 centimeters at the waist. The finished LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style also has my preferred high/low hem.

LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

Due to alterations at the hip and seat curve my jeans my legs are also a little bit narrower. I use a piece of leftover fabric grey to make the matching Top. Do you like making jeans as much as I do? Do you have a TNT pattern for your regulair garments or do use every time a new pattern? 

5 Comments on LMV Malmö Broek jeans-style

    • Thank you Ann. When I decided to draft my own jeans pattern I already knew what my ‘problem’ areas are. This is a big help when you have to do alterations (or expect them to do). I’ve done a pattern drafting course more then twenty years ago and only learned how to draft a skirt and top. Trousers are so different and more complicated to draft. I’ve planned a blogpost in which I’ll be sharing my experience on drafting my own jeans pattern and share my learning curve while making them.

    • Thank you so much Sue. When I did my first SBA I thought why not do all the obvious changes before cutting and sewn instead of doing them afterwards.

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