We start at the begin. Last year I was one of the participants in the make a shirt dress challenge. I made my version of the LMV Carrie Jurk. And here comes my confession: I only wore this dress twice. The first time was for the photo shoot and the second time to a birthday party. This LMV Carrie jurk wasn’t my dress just like many other dresses. This year the  Sew Together For Summer dress challenge is back with a wrap dress. I was tempted but decided to be wise and let this challenge pass. Instead I decided to do something with my LMV Carrie jurk. A blouse was the best option and came up with the LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle idea.

LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle

First things first

The LMV Carrie jurk is a kind of oversized dress. I decided to use the pattern that I used for my Elle Puls Tunika Elle meets Closet Case Kalle Shirt voor kon gebruiken. I started with unpicking the dress and laid the pattern on the fabric parts. The original collar and sleeves needed to be reused because there wasn’t enough original fabric left to make new ones. Pattern alterations were made when the Elle Puls Tunika Elle was placed on top of the LMV Carrie jurk. New armholes and shoulder yoke were drafted and I was ready to go.  

LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle


After locking the seams the stitching began. Closing shoulder seams and topstitching them. Hem facing stitching, topstitching, closing side seams and topstitching again. Finally sleeves were set in and the collar was stitched on. Replacing the collar wasn’t that easy.

LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle

One of my older friends always brought his dress shirts with frayed collars to a lady who was able to turn frayed shirt collars. I wish I knew how this was done and wondering it this knowledge would have made it easier when I was replacing my collar. Despite all the buttonholes were already sewn there was still some hand stitching to be done.

LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle

Time and Cost

Time: unpicking the dress 2 hours; pattern making 1 hour; cutting 45 minutes; stitching and finishing 7 hours
Costs: yarn € 3,00 

LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle

Result and conclusion

I’m really pleased and happy with my refashion. LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle is now a pleasant wearable blouse. Suitable for all the Summers days and to take with me in my suitcase. Great to combine with jeans like my just finished LMV Malmö jeans.
And a new dress? I’ve something going on for my personal July theme. You’re perhaps wondering how it feels to refashion one of makes. Well it doesn’t happen often that one of makes is a ‘failure’. This is the second time. The GBSB Drapey Knit dress was the first and after the refitting it has been worn often during hot summer days. What do you do with your selfmade garments when they are letting you down? Charity shop, giving it away to a friend who likes it or refashion?

11 Comments on LMV Carrie jurk meets Elle Puls Tunika Elle

    • Hello Diana, Now I’m making all my own clothes I’m probably more aware about the clothes I like to wear and a dress for my daily wear isn’t among them. Just like you separates for me.

  1. It looks terrific as a blouse Sonja. Your jeans look really good with it too. If I make things that I don’t like, I try to refashion if I like the fabric otherwise they get sent off to the charity shop, or cut up and stuffed inside a dog bed!

    • Thank you so much for your compliments Sue. Taking part in challenges have learned me a lot about my style and the garments I like to wear. Sometimes it’s hard when you bought a fabric you really like and the finished garment isn’t what you were looking after. Reading the comments on my blog, IG and FB the first choice is refashion and then sending it to charity.

  2. Sonja, I felt exactly the same about my dress from last year too and like you, I didn’t join in with making a wrap dress either. I simply like to wear more separates. I love what you did with your shirt dress and the resulting short shirt is really lovely. Such neat work and I love the hemline.
    I’ve refsshioned a couple of unworn wardrobe items and ended up loving what I made. As for my shirtdress from last year…I’m donating to charity as I really don’t like the fabric

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m really pleased with my refashion. The hemline is the feature of this blouse. Sewing challenges are a big hit and as always I’m tempted to do them. I always try to make something I can wear (or do unselfish sewing) or use. I thought the dress shirt would be the perfect item for me but when it was finished it was’t. Would you’ve kept your shirt dress if you used another fabric? Or is it that you, like you write, are more into separates. I came to the conclusion that separates are probably more me in daily live. The LBD is a dress I really like and I wear them a lot for special occasions. That’s perhaps the conclusion after making the shirt dress last year and not entering the wrap dress challenge.

    • Thank you so much. I like to add details and pairs of buttons are so easy to make and they are a nice looking feature. The dress wan’t me. Perhaps I’me more for separates then for one-piece garments.

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