My husband is this time the subject of my sewing projects. I made for him a striped version of the LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt. The LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt is the third time that I’m using the LMV May/June2018 edition. It doesn’t happen often that I use a sewing magazine three times but this edition really had some great designs I could use. My LMV Malmö broek was worn at least once a week since I made it and also once in combination with the LMV Oslo blouse. A while ago I also made a poloshirt for my husband that he likes to wear. I decided not to use that pattern again but make this LMV version because my husband like the fit of his LMV Cliff hemd and LMV Bernie hemd.

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

Patroon LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

The Kwik Sew 3484 pattern was altered in a poloshirt pattern. LaMaisonVictor Aspen polo is already a poloshirt pattern. The LaMaisonVictor Aspen polo has also a more slim fit design then the Kwik Sew 3484. A poloshirt is a great alternative if your husband would like to wear something less casual then a T-shirt but the comfort of T-shirt fabric. This type of shirt is casual but more stylish then a T-shirt. My husbands loves to wear poloshirts in the summer in his spare time sitting on a terrace for a cup of coffee. 

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt


This striped fabric was bought at A.Boeken in Amsterdam. An interesting shop for buying haberdashery but also fabric, patterns and materials to make bags. The shop is almost hundred years old. You can walk from the train station to this shop in less then 20 minutes. I decided to combine this striped fabric with a light grey melee fabric for some contrast. This fabric is a small leftover from a previous project.

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

Cutting and stitching

The poloshirt placket closure of the LaMaisonVictor Aspen polo is the same as I made in the KwIk Sew 3484 poloshirt. I decided to sew the same piping detail in the poloshirt placket closure as I did with my first poloshirt. The breast pocket was cut diagonal first and then the top part was cut out of the grey fabric. The lower part is made of the striped fabric that was turned 90º. I made the collar of the grey fabric with a small detail at one point of the collar using the striped fabric.

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

This detail comes from the Theo Zonen09 overhemd. I stitched the poloshirt according to the sewing instructions that can be found in the LMV magazine. All stripes are running through. Just to let this happen all seams are bated first and also pinned before sewing. Locking is done with four different colours: black, white, grey and pink.

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

Time and Costs

Time: tracing the pattern 45 minutes; cutting 45 minutes; sewing and finishing 9 hours
Costs: pattern LMV mei/juni 2018 edition € 3,00; striped fabric € 17,50; yarn € 3,50; interfacing collar and poloshirt placket closure € 1,00; buttons € 1,00

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

Conclusion and Wearability

This LaMaisonVictor Aspen polo is signed with three houses which means an intermediate sewing project. The problem is the sewing of the poloshirt placket closure and the sewing of the collar with the biais tape. When this sewing is done the rest of the sewing together is just like any other T-shirt. I used grey yarn for the grey fabric and black yarn for the black fabric.

LaMaisonVictor Aspen poloshirt

One has to change yarn a few times but the result looks great. My husband is very happy with his new poloshirt. The features are the added details. This LaMaisonVictor Aspen polo pattern will probably used again in the future. Do you like to make clothes for your husband? If so what do you like to make for him?

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    • Thank you so much. Sewing for my husband is such a joy and I enjoy to look at others who sew for men as well. I’ve just been reading your post about button plackets. There’s so much you can do with them to create some interesting features. Looking forward to see your poloshirt version.

Leuk dat je de tijd nam om mijn bericht te lezen. Ik hoor graag wat je er van vond. Thank you for taking the time reading this blogpost and taking the time to write a comment for this post. I really do appreciate it.

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