Elle Puls is a German independent pattern designer. I made a few of her patterns and also did some testing for her. Elle Puls also has designed some pattern for taller women. This is great news if you’re taller then average. The side seam/hem construction from the Tunika Elle was already used twice in a pattern hack. The first time for the Closet Case Kalle shirt and the second time for the refashion of the LMV Carrie jurk. This time I’me testing a pattern for her: the Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern.

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern

The Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern is a basic T-shirt pattern that comes with three different sleeve lengths but also three different necklines, two different T-shirt length and a skirt pattern to make a dress.

Elle Puls ShirtBOX

So you have 27 options with this pattern. A very versatile pattern. I decided to make the boatneck T-shirt with short sleeves. When I was reading the sewing instruction I saw the boatneck was finished in a for me unknown way. It is done with a biais band that is sewn double on the back. I like boatneck constructions and their different shapes. This refashion with boatneck met boothals was my first one. The finishing was my own design. Besides this refashion I also like the look of the Orageuse Paris Top en JLH Gable Top.

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern

fabric, cutting and stitching

Soft drapey cotton jersey, viscose jersey or modal jersey are the perfect choice. I made my T-shirt from a lightblue plain jersey, 92% cotton, 8% elastan, weight 200 gram per m². The fabric was preached first.
This pattern comes with a layered printing option so you have the option to print only your preferred size. I printed size 36 after reading the finished sizes that are also given (a great service when it is added to a pattern). 

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern
Cutting is just like any other T-shit pattern. In this case I also had to cut a biais band from a piece of leftover fabric. The front neckline facing is attached to the front and is sewn on the front. The back is finished with the diagonal cut piece of fabric. After the boatneck of front and back are sewn the shoulder seams, side seams and sleeve seams are closed. Then the sleeves are set in. 
When the hem and sleeve hems are sewn the T-shirt is ready to wear.

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern

Time and Costs

Time: printing, cutting and assembling 45 minutes; cutting 30 minutes; stitching 4 hours
Costs: being a tester I received the Elle Puls ShirtBOX sewing pattern for free; print and assembling costs € 3,00; fabric € 10,00; yarn € 2,50

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern

Experience and Conclusion

The ShirtBOX is a fitted T-shirt with many options to make all kinds of styles. The (German) instruction is well written and comes with lots of illustrations as well. Even a beginner can easy follow how to make all the different neckline and finish them correctly. This boatneck finish was new to me and I added a decorative ribbon at the center back.

Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern

The T-shirt fits perfect, has a good shape and this boatneck shape looks great. A winner and asset to my wardrobe. It looks perfect on my floral jeans. So if you’re looking for a more fitted T-shirt pattern with some necklines options the Elle Puls ShirtBOX pattern will be a perfect choice. But also when you want to expand your already used T-shirt patterns.

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    • Thank you Sue. We are now having some hor Summer days and it this T-shirt is great to have for one of the following days filled with sunshine. The finishing with the neckband is really great. You don’t have to worry about to much stretch at the back.

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