This May month is reserved for unselfish sewings. Making something for my mother because Sunday will be Mother’s day. This fabric was bought In February at Stoffenspektakel. I also found a design that I wanted to make for her. Although I had bought enough fabric after pre-washing there wasn’t enough. Next step was trying to find a suitable sewing pattern. I found in my pattern stash a pattern that I bought in the 80s but never used it. The envelope was damaged due to several relocations so over the years. Perfect for my UWYH project and I started making Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse for my mother.

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse – the pattern

I bought this pattern probably for the V-construction of the buttonhole placket and the square shaped neckline. This Very Easy Vogue pattern is loose-fitted, dropped shoulders and a kind of kimono styled sleeves that have sleeve band finishing. All versions are made with shoulder pads. This was one of the androgynous style features during the 80s. To create a more fitted look I changed the shoulder line and made the sleeves also a bit narrower.

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse – cutting and stitching 

This pattern has added seam allowances. I tried to let the ‘stripes’ run through as much as possible. This took some time. This time I followed the sewing instruction from beginning until end. Sewing the stay-stitch is crucial otherwise the facings wouldn’t probably fit. Sadly enough the blouse didn’t fit after basting. It was to tight around the hips. The added seam allowances wasn’t enough to make a fit and I had to find a solution. After a good night sleep I decided to make triangulair shaped inserts.

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

These inserts would have almost the same shape as the V-construction of the buttonhole placket. Ook de 1.5 cm naadtoeslag zou niet de voldoende opleveren. The inserts run form the armpit and end 4 cm above the hem so this looks a bit like the neckline.

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

Time and Costs:

Time: pattern alterations 45 minutes; cutting 60 minutes; stitching and finishing 10 hours
Costs: I can’t remember what I paid for this pattern but on internet the asking price for this pattern is € 4,50; fabric € 15,00; yarn € 3,00; interfacing € 1,00; buttons € 4,00

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse – my experience

My mother is very pleased with her new blouse. The Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse is perfect for warmer days and feels light and soft. The fit is perfect and the altered shoulder line is more suitable for the current fashion style. I’m still wondering why the blouse was too tight at the hips.

Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

I probably made an calculation error due to the included seam allowances. Something to pay attention to next time. The ‘Very Easy’ classification certainly applies for this pattern in comparison with the Rebecca Taylor Vogue 1251. A starting seamstress will probably learn a few tricks while sewing this pattern. Do you ever use your own thirty year old and never used sewing patterns? And do you make alterations to get a more current look or do you go for the original look?

9 Comments on Vogue 9080 1980s dropped shoulder blouse

    • Thank you so much Linda. The fabric is indeed very beautiful. One of those lucky founds at a big fabric market. It’s always a bit of a gamble buying fabric for someone else.

    • Thank you so much Sue. The neckline was why I bought this pattern. I might try to make a version for myself as well.

  1. I have this pattern! – made itt in the 80s complete with shoulder pads. I still have many old patterns like this . How easy was it to redraft the shoulders to get rid of the shoulder pads?

    • What a coincidence that you have this pattern too but also made it with the shoulder pads. Did it suit you? The redrafting was easy. If you want I can send you a sketch how I did it.

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