After making the Easy to Sew Vogue 9080 blouse this time a T-shirt for my mother. This fabrics is also bought while I visited the Stoffenspektakel in February. This time I carefully measured the sizes of my mother after the failure that I had with the Vogue blouse. I had to do some pattern alterations like a rounded back alterations. I decided to draft a pattern instead of doing the alterations on a commercial sewing pattern. It would probably take the same amount of time.

Made to measure T-shirt for my mother

Drafting a made to measure T-shirt pattern

You can find all kinds of tutorials how to draft a T-shirt pattern. Besides English tutorials they are also in Dutch, French and German. If you find it hard to draft a made to measure pattern you can also copy one of your favourite T-shirts. You use this T-shirt as a ‘guide’ and draft along the seams, hem and neckline. I don’t use this ‘copy method’ because due to wear and washing a T-shirt can have lost his original shape. Trying to copy and make a well drafted armpit and sleeve cap is very hard and both are essential to get a good fitted T-shirt. I drafted this pattern in almost one hour and probably copying would have taken the same time.

Made to measure T-shirt for my mother


After cutting I basted the T-shirt first. We did a quick fit. No surprises this time: it looked perfect. All seams are done with the locker using four different colours that matched with dots in the fabric. I stitched the shoulder seams first and started finishing the neckline. The big advantage of doing it now is that you have more control. This is also a good order when you make baby clothes as well.

Made to measure T-shirt for my mother

I decided to use a piece of black jersey for the neck band. It’s a nice looking colour detail so I used black yarn to finish the hems and short sleeves as well. The short sleeves are this time finished with mock cuffs to give them a sporty look.

Time and Costs

Time: drafting pattern 1 hour; cutting 30 minutes; stitching and finishing 3.5 hour
Costs: fabric € 10,00; yarn € 2,00

Made to measure T-shirt for my mother

My mother and her made to measure T-shirt

My mothers loved this fabric when I showed it to her. I original wanted to make the Drape Drape Top number 4 out of this fabric for her. Sadly the width of the fabric wasn’t enough. Although size 44/46 uses the same length the width is crusial for this make. My mother is pleased with this made to measure T-shirt but next time I shop with a measure tape to find fabric with the right width. Every project has his own surprises so still learning. Did you ever had fabric that was to small? Do you draft your own patterns or do you prefer copying clothes to make a pattern?

4 Comments on Made to measure T-shirt for my mother

    • Thank you so much. It’s always great to see something fits perfect. It really pays of to draft a made to measure pattern.

    • Thank you Sue. My mother is really pleased with this make. The weather is little bit unpredictable in the Netherlands and the temperatures rise and fall from day to day.

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