I’m a member of two Facebook groups who sew for men and boys. One is an English group called ‘Sewing Blue’ and the other one is Dutch called ‘Naaien voor Heren’. When I decided about four years ago to make all my own clothes I didn’t had the intention to sew for my husband as well. My husband is tall and has always difficulties to find T-shirts and dress shirts that are long enough. On one fine day I offered to sew a few white T-shirts for him and one thing let to another. The English group has a monthly blog tour and I decided to participate in the Sewing Blue Blog Tour ‘Boys in Summer’ theme. I decided to make something for Stitching Creatief voor Babyspulletjes and this Homemade baby boy outfit size 50 with a maritime look is the result.

Homemade baby boy outfit size 50

Homemade baby boy outfit size 50 – fabric and patterns

This first baby Flosstyle patterns giraffe was my inspiration for my fabric choice because I wanted to add the giraffe as an extra gift. A few months ago I won a box with leftovers fabrics from Happy Textiles and I use them to sew all kind of clothes for this foundation. The striped jersey that I used for the small T-shirt and for the inside of the beanie is a leftover of one of the homemade basic T-shirts.

Homemade baby boy outfit size 50

I already made in January a baby outfit and decided to do some alterations on the self drafted baby trousers so it would have a side seam as well. I also gave the T-shirt shoulder seams, a V-neck, a more fitted armhole and sleeve cap. In one of our kitchen cupboards I found a bib that was used when both our daughters were small. This was used to drew a pattern for both bibs.

Homemade baby boy outfit size 50

Homemade baby boy outfit size 50 – stitching

The trousers, T-shirt and beanie are all sewn with the overlocker even the hems of the T-shirt. The hems have a flatlock seam. I saw this technique a couple of weeks ago and decided to use it for this T-shirt. You remove one of the needles (I removed the right one) and turn the tension to zero of the needle your using. I sewed with the knife up because I wanted to avoid cutting in T-shirt by accident. Both bibs are sewed on a sewing machine and topstitched as well.

Zelfgemaakte jongens babykleding maat 50

Time and Costs

Time: pattern alterations 60 minutes; cutting 30 minutes; stitching and finishing 8 hours
Costs: yarn € 2,00; elastic € 0,50; Velcro € 0,25

Zelfgemaakte jongens babykleding maat 50

Homemade baby boy outfit size 50 – free patterns

You can find a lot of free sewing patterns on the internet when you want to sew baby clothes. You can find some self designed and drafted patterns on my blog free for download. I’m questing myself this time if these baby outfit patterns are an addition to what’s already available. If you’ve interest in one of these baby boy clothes patterns are want them all just send me an email and I’ll send them to you. When there’s a lot interest I add them to already existing ones. Do you like to sew for little boys and men? Or do you prefer sewing only for yourself or perhaps for your daughter?

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11 Comments on Homemade baby boy outfit size 50

    • Thank you Ann. I’ll hope an expectant mother will be pleased with it. The giraffe van be used for decoration and as a first toy,

    • Thank you. It’s always satisfying when you can use leftovers and scarps as well. I hope an expectant mother and can’t effort to buy something will be pleased with this new outfit.

  1. Great job! I need to sew more for my husband too… so far I’ve made him board shorts and a couple of tops, but he’s put on a ton of weight so I need to remeasure him :-/

    • Thank you. My husband doesn’t like shopping for clothes so making dress shirts, polo’s, T-shirts and underwear is a big help for him. So I don’t know if he would liked shopping he still let me making his clothes as well. I hope you find the time to restart sewing for your husband and find some patterns for him or can do some alterations on pattens you’ve used before.

  2. Oh Sonja, I think you need some grandchildren but in the meantime it’s gorgeous that you are making such delightful children’s clothes!

    • Thank you Sue. It’s so lovely to make this small items and a great way to use all kind of leftover fabrics. Grandchildren? Our daughters just finished their studies and started working. Will see what happens in the feature.

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