How many different sewing patterns can be made of a dress shirt? I bought the March/April 2018 La Maison Victor magazine while I was waiting for a connecting train to go home. The pattern of the LMV Bernie Hemd seemed to be perfect for my husband to make it out of some light fabric that I bought last year at Les Tissus du Chien Vert during a short stay in Brussels. I can highly recommended this fabric shop if you ever visit Brussels. As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it was perfect to make a short sleeve for my husband so I bought 1.25 meter. The only question was had I bought enough to make a LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version van te maken? The pattern suggested 1.60 meter for all sizes. 

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version – the pattern

La Maison Victor suggests that one can easily make all kind of variations and adding details to this pattern. That was great news because I wanted to use this LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version as my contribution for the Lets Sti(c)k Together challenge. We were given three criteria: 
– Spring
– Foreign sewing pattern
– Add a detail

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version
The light blue fabric in combination with the short sleeves are perfect for Spring, LMV is a Belgian magazine so in my case foreign enough and the inspiration for a detail would come during the sewing process.
I made this LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version in size 52. I’ve only used one LMV dress shirt pattern before. It was the Cliff hemd that had an interesting shoulder yoke design. This time the collar stand has an unusual shape. Instead of the usual round shape it’s almost square.

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version – the making

I made some changes. Instead of sewing the breast pocket on the dress shirt I made a welt pocket. It’s made of a contrast fabric to fill in ’the add a detail criteria’. This contrast fabric comes from a discarded dress shirt that was worn by the boy friend of our youngest daughter. This fabric is also used to make the under collar, the inner collar stand and the hanging loop. Four different yarn colours are used for locking.

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version

I re-used the buttons of the discarded dress shirts as well. The rolled up sleeves are replaced by fake turn up sleeve cuff construction. The label is stitched with red yarn. What do you think? Have I done enough to fill in all three drie criteria? I’m looking forward to read your opinion.

LMV Bernie Hemd licht blauwe versie

Time and Costs:

Time: copying pattern 45 minutes; cutting 45 minutes; stitching and finishing 8 hours
Costs: LMV magazine € 8,95; fabric € 13,50; yarn € 4,50; interfacing € 1,00

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version – my experience with the pattern

One can easily make this LMV Bernie Hemd certainly if you have made a blouse or a dress shirt before. Are there many differences with the already used Zonen09 Theo overhemd or LMV Cliff hemd? Besides a little bit difference in the fit there isn’t much difference. The big difference between these three pattern is the shape of the LMV Cliff hemd shoulder yoke.

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version

The pleat at back, the rolt up sleeves, the breast pocket can easily be added or altered. Remains the shape of the collar stand. The question is: can one easily change this. I believe it can be done. My husband is pleased with his LMV Bernie Hemd. He loves wearing it and the fit is perfect. A happy ‘customer’.

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version

LMV Bernie Hemd light blue version – the other Lets Sti(c)k Together participants

I wasn’t the only one who participated in this Sti(c)k Together April challenge. Perhaps you like to see what all the others have been making? Just click on there names and you can find out.

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    • Thank you so much Diane. My husband loves his new shirt. I’m blessed with an husband who don’t mind wearing homemade clothes and is proud when he can say I made them if they asked him where he buys his shirts.

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