A discarded dress was already waiting for a while to turn it into a new fashionable garment. The Sewcialists Love Me-Made May appeal came along and this appeal was the beginning of a new make.  I already wanted to turn the dress into a T-shirt in a nautical style. I als wanted to use a sewing pattern that easy to purchased for everyone because Sewcialists is an international sewing community. Not everyone has access La Maison Victor and KNIPmode or wants to copy a pattern from a pattern sheet or adding sewing allowances. Here is the story behind the JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top project.

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top – preparation

I always start wash the discarded clothes to remove stains. Another advantage of this washing process is that the clothes will (almost) get their original form back. The next step is removing zippers, buttons, labels and ripping the seams. Now all the separate fabric pieces are washed again and when they are dry they will be ironed.

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top – the pattern

The JLH Gable Top has a 50s style like all Jennifer Lauren patterns. I’m not a huge fan of clothes with a vintage look besides the Gable Top. Using a striped fabric the boatneck design of the Gable Top can give a T-shirt a beautiful classic Breton style.

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

Breton style is classic, sportive and this type of clothes is never out of style. The JLH Gable Top is easy to make. The boatneck can made as high and low as you wish. Perfect choice for a recycle project.

JLH Gable Top Breton Style recycle perfectie

I first made a whole pattern piece for the front and also for the back so I was able to create my asymmetrical look. A line was drafted on the left side of the front and on the right side of the back. Both pattern pieces were cut so now I had four pattern pieces ready to lay on the fabric.

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top – sewing together

The exciting part is to see if there’s enough material for the recycle project. After some playing with the pattern pieces on the fabric I found the perfect lay-out. The stitching is done with care so al stripes are running trough. Pins and basting are very helpful but also pushing both layers of the fabric layers at the same time under the presser feet.

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

After both front pieces and both back pieces were sewn together I stared making the welt breast pocket. To make the pocket into a feature I used the stripes vertical as contrast on the horizontal stripes in this part of the front. The stripes od the sleeves are running in the same directions as in the body. The depth of the boatneck was decided when the Gable Top was almost finished. A decorative tape tag ia added at the back.

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

Time and Costs

Time: unpicking and ironing 3 hours; pattern alterations 30 minutes; stitching and finishing 6 hours
Costs: yarn € 2,50

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top

JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top – my experience

I’m looking each time forward if a refashion will be successful. I usual make a sketch of what I want to make and it’s always a pleasure to see that the finished garment is looking almost like the idea. The boatneck is lower then my previous make and a round hemline. The welt breast pocket, the horizontal/vertical stripe playing in front and back in combination with the sleeves are my personal style changes in this JLH Gable Top becomes Breton Style Top. I love to hear if you like what I did with JLH Gable Top and/or if you like to do refashions?

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