There are times when you’re asking yourself the question: is there anything I don’t have in my wardrobe? I was looking for something different to wear with my new floral 5-pocket jeans. Elizabeth showed on her Elizabethmadethis Instagram account two pink combinations. I was inspired by her makes and decided to dig in my leftover stash looking for some pink fabric. Two odd shaped pink jersey fabric were found. You’ve probably read my blogpost about my floral 5-pocket jeans. In this blogpost I was already playing with some designs to make something different then the usual basic T-shirt.

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt

I made a sketch and worked from there. I used my self drafted T-shirt pattern that was used for these four basic T-shirts. After some attempts I had almost a sewing pattern for my asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt idea.

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt – the pattern

Asymmetrical details can add interesting looks to a basic garment. Balance is the key because you don’t want to overdo it. These type the amount of fabric was the key: my self drafted pattern had to fit on the available piece of fabric. A long T-shirt wasn’t possible but I also wanted to make something different then the usual basic short sleeved T-shirt.

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt

I decided to make a dolman sleeve at one side and a regulair set-in sleeve at the other side. The hem ends in point and is at the back 2 cm longer then at the front. The neckline is a little bit wider and also lower at the front then the ones in the four basic T-shirts. I ended having three patterns. These were placed on the fabric and cut out.

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt – stitching and result

I used a slightly darker pink yarn for the stitching. The cropped T-shirt is almost completely sewn with an overlocker. No complex sewing: closing the shoulder seams, side seams and sleeve seams. Next step sewing the dolman sleeve and the set-in sleeve. Last step: finishing the neckline, sewing the sleeve hems and hems of body. Finally some hand sewing to secure the threads and my self drafted asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt  was finished.

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt

Happy? Yes. It’s always exciting to see if a designs works especially when it’s something new and you’re the first to make it. This cropped T-shirt works very well with my floral 5-pocket jeans and is just long enough to sit on my waistband. Perfect for sitting on a terrace drinking an early morning Latte Macchiato, on Holiday or a Summer Birthday party.

asymmetrical pink cropped T-shirt

Time and Costs

Time: designing and drafting pattern 2 hours; stitching and finishing 4.5 hours
Costs: yarn € 3,50

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    • Thank you so much Diane. I decided to make a feature of the hem because I was afraid it would look a bit boring and it would be a great addition to the two different sleeves types as well.

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