My Let’s Sti(c)k Together March challenge was making a poloshirt for my husband. I’m also a participant in the Breaking Ground Tour and decided to combine both challenges. First step: finding a suitable pattern for this make. I did a search on the internet with ‘poloshirt male sewing pattern’. The result was a bit disappointing and one of the suggestions was a Kwik Sew pattern.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

I’ve never heard of Kwik Sew but this company seems to be founded in 1967. They design patterns for ‘real people’ and easy-to-follow sewing instructions. Kwik Sew 3484 is a dress shirt but I decided to challenge myself and turn the pattern into a pattern suitable to make poloshirt. The back body needed no alteration and the center front body pattern was also drafted on the pattern. Time for the Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack. I only made button plackets.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack – the fabric

The fabric was bought at Javro in Epse during a short stay in Klarenbeek. This moss green fabric has a small jeans coloured stripes. I also wanted to add some contrast fabric and started looking in my leftover fabrics for suitable fabric.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

A large piece of light weighted jeans coloured was found and started drafting a sketch how I wanted to use both fabrics. Sewing the button plackets would be a challenge after taking a good look at the way they were made in an existing poloshirt.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

Kwik Sew patroon 3484 poloshirt hack – stitching

I started making the button plackets in the front and stitching the breast pocket. The shoulder seams were closed so now it was time to sew the collar on the poloshirt. The collar wasn’t cut and because my husband doesn’t close the first button I decided to let the stripes form the collar running through with the stripes of the body.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

After some puzzling (about one hour) I had found how to do it so I could cut the collar. The under collar is made of contrast fabric. Now the last step was sewing the poloshirt together. Two hours later the Kwik Sew patroon 3484 poloshirt hack was almost ready. I found some matching buttons in my button box and after making the button holes I hand sewed both buttons on the poloshirt.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

Kwik Sew patroon 3484 poloshirt hack – learning moments

You perhaps wondering why I decided to use and alter a Kwik Sew pattern. This pattern came up after my search question on internet. The easiest way was perhaps looking further or asking my sewing friends for pattern suggestions. But making the alterations and finding out how to make the button plackets was a great learning process. The collar has a beautiful finish with the contrasting tape and the piping finish of the breast pockets are unique details.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

My husband RTW poloshirt had a longer back the front and a matching blue ribbon is used to finish the vents. My husband is pleased with his finished poloshirt. He now has to wait for warmer days so he can wear it on one of his jeans.

Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

Time and Costs

Time: pattern alterations 1 hour; drawing the collar 1 hour; cutting 45 minutes (I wanted running stripes so matching took some time); stitching and finishing 10 hours
Costs: patter € 13.20; fabric € 15,00; yarn € 3,50; interfacing € 0,50

9 Comments on Kwik Sew 3484 pattern poloshirt hack

    • Thank you so much Melissa. One of the big advantages of sewing challenges like the Breaking Ground Tour is that I push myself just a little bit more to find and use some techniques I’ve never used before.

    • Thank you so much. I found the main fabric a little bit plain and the added contrast fabric gives this poloshirt just that little bit extra.

  1. The print matching with that collar is unbelievable! I can’t stop looking at it. I love all your little details that make a basic shirt so professionally finished.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I learned so much while I was making this poloshirt. Sewing really is such a challenging hobby and I enjoy every minute of it.

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