Melissa Evans is the host of the Breaking Ground Tour. The rules are simple. You’ll be Breaking Ground by sewing a pattern from a new to you pattern designer/company, a lesser known pattern company. That can be preferably an Indie pattern, but if you’ve never sewn from one of the big four this is good choice as well. My first contribution was made from a Kwik Sew pattern but for my second contribution I used a Flosstyle pattern. Flosstyle offered free patterns for Breaking Ground Tour participants. I decided to accept the offer and took a look at the Flosstyle website. The Flosstyle Babies First Toys looked so cute and making a few would be my second entry. You can see below all my homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys.

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toyshomemade Flosstyle Babies First Toyshomemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys – the pattern

You can make six amazing cute soft babies toys with this Flosstyle pattern. Four animal figures and two balls. The pattern comes with added sewing allowances which is great bonus certainly when you want to sew the seahorse. The sewing instructions are in English but the added illustrations are very useful if you’re a more visual sewer. How to make the ruffles is done in a separate appendix.

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys – the soft animals

I used all kinds of leftover fabrics to make my soft animals and started with the elephant and dino. One without ruffles and one with ruffles to use a few different sewing techniques. One long morning of cutting, sewing, stuffing and finishing and the first two soft animals were ready.

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

The seahorse and the giraffe were looking cute as well and I decided to make them the following day. Both tails of the elephant en giraffe are made of a piece ribbon. The tail of the elephant has a knot to mark the tail end.

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys Toys – the mini ball

I ended with some fabrics scraps after making the four Flosstyle Babies First Toys and I decided to use them. The mini ball was a perfect choice and with two other fabric scraps I had enough to make it. A day ago I came across a toy rattle box which I bought. Small children love to hear sounds so the toy rattle box was inserted while stuffing.

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys – my experience

I really enjoyed making the five Flosstyle Babies First Toys. The Flosstyle Babies First Toys patroon costs $ 7.50 (€ 6,10) which is a bargain for this beautiful six patterns. If you often make baby shower gifts this pattern really is a good investment. You don’t need a large piece of fabric to make a beautiful gift. All Flosstyle Babies First Toys can be made off one Fat Quarter of fabric (47x52cm). I can recommend adding a toy rattle box or a squeezer (for a cute soft noise when you press in the toy).

homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

Time and Costs:

Time: cutting 1 hour; sewing, stuffing and finishing 9 hours
Costs: being a participant in the Breaking Ground Tour I received the pattern for free; print and assembling costs € 0,50; all used yarns € 2,50; fiberfill € 5,00; toy rattle box € 0,75

7 Comments on homemade Flosstyle Babies First Toys

    • Thank you Melissa. They are indeed easy to make and with a great looking result. It really was a nice gesture from Gail Couch to offer Flosstyle patterns to the Breaking Ground participants. I really enjoyed making them.

  1. I have this pattern! I had forgotten. I don’t have a baby to enjoy them but they’d fun to have around anyway. I love your set, they look slightly vintage and just so cute!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. They have indeed a slightly vintage feeling. Two of my used fabrics were a gift from my mother in law many years back. I think one of the problems with PDF-patterns is that when you ‘store’ them your laptop and don’t print them you often forget about them. I’ve two new blogposts coming in the next two weeks with items made of PDF-patterns. I purchased them because I wanted to make them but forgot them until two challenges came along and I was challenged to make them.

    • Thank you so much Sue. The Babies Toys will find a good home soon. I’ll make some matching bibs and then they will be going to less fortunate parents.

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