March Digital Sewing Pattern Month challenge is why my blogpost is called Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM. I came across a FB-page where MaMarieke launched the idea to encourage herself and us to finally use a once purchased but never used PDF-pattern. MaMarieke had just like me bought one or more PDF-patterns during a € 2,00 Makerist sale. This Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern was bought about one year ago. Why? An insurance company had a few funny commercials with a sloth. Fun to watch and that made me wanting to have a sloth. I started looking for a pattern and after a while I found a suitable pattern. This pattern wasn’t immediately purchased until Makerist had a € 2,00 offer. They also have a few Crafty Kooka patterns for sale and lucky me one of them was the sloth pattern. This pattern was also included in the € 2,00 offer.

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM – pattern and my experience

The Crafty Kooka sloth is made of nine pattern parts and is about 52 cm long. The pattern comes with well written sewing instructions and illustrations. 1 cm seam allowances are included and after each stitched seam the excess cut back to avoid bulkiness. You line up the outer edge of the foot with the edge of your fabric. This is a pleasant way of stitching because the whole presser feet is on the fabric especially when you stitch the front and back body together at the point of the arms and legs. All seams are done with a smaller stitch length (1,5 – 2,0) so the details of ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ retain shape while stuffing.

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM

Eye patch pieces and nose are stitched on the face using a small zigzag stitch. I stitched the navel button and mouth with the largest stitch on my sewing machine instead of using a backstitch.

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM – fabrics

You can often see projects made of the discarded clothes but also clothes refashions on my blog. This sloth is made of a discarded sweater and an old felted black cardigan. The head, feet and hands are made of the wrong side of the sweater and the eye patch pieces and nose are made of the felted black cardigan.

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM

Time and Costs

Time: cutting 45 minutes; stitching, stuffing and finishing 9 hours
Costs: pattern € 2,00; print- and assembling costs € 1,00; yarn € 2,00; fiberfill € 5,00; safety eyes € 0,50

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM – #MDPM

Sewing the Crafty Kooka sloth pattern was on my sewing list for a while. This Marz Digital Sewing Pattern Month challenge gave me the motivation to start making it. The sloth is perhaps the perfect symbol how quick I use a purchased PDF-pattern. Slow. You can buy them easily and saved on your laptop they aren’t always visible. It takes a challenge to make one. My sloth sits besides my sewing machine as a symbol for all ‘my must have and want to sew’ PDF-patterns.

Crafty Kooka Sloth pattern #MDPM

I already have the next PDF-pattern printed. This patterns was Sinterklaas gift and is also part of a sewing challenge. You want to know which pattern I’m using, what I’m making and you want to see the result? You’re a WordPress user? Start following my blog but you can also follow me on Bloglovin’ or take a newsletter subscription.

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  1. Oh Sonja, your sloth is adorable! I am hanging out for grandchildren so I can copy all the soft toys you’ve made. You really are a wizard!

    • Thank you so much. I don’t have any grandchildren either but my soft toys always find a good home. The sloth stays with me: he’s my sewing companion.

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