I started with my version of the Seven House Toaster Sweater #2 after having contact with Ann. We both had the same reaction when we almost simultaneously published a blogpost about our last finished sweaters. Ann made a version of the Seven House Toaster Sweater #2 and I the Named Talvikki sweater. We saw each other sweaters and were wondering how bog the difference is between both designs. Ann and I wrote to each other and we decided to make the other design as well and write a blogpost about the other make as well to share our experiences and thoughts about the other design.

Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

Named Talvikki sweater versus Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

At first glance one can immediately spot the difference between both patterns. The Named Talvikki sweater has a crewneck with darts, a dropped shoulder, an uneven hemline and extra long sleeves. The turtleneck of the Talvikki sweater has a separate facing and the Seven House Toaster Sweater #2 an attached facing. You pay about 20% more for the Talvikki sweater. I paid € 10,00 for the Talvikki sweater and $ 10,00 (€ 8,07) for the Toaster sweater. Both pattern give the measurements of the finished sweater.

Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

My version of the Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

I used for my Toaster sweater # 2 the fabric I bought recently during my visit in Antwerp. The pattern comes with seam allowances and I’ve to confess I’m not always a great fan of these type of patterns. In my opinion patterns without seam allowances are always easier for a quick garment finished measurements check. I decide to make XS version and a few hours later my sweater was ready to wear.

Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

Stitching the Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

I made my version with flat seams. It takes some extra time but in the end you’ve two layers of fabric on each side of the seam instead of four on one side and you also don’t have a lots of fabric layer under both arms. Both sleeves are set in after closing the side seams and the side seams of the arms. The Seven House Toaster Sweater #2 is finished with mitering corner vents. The instructions for this type of finishing is well written and combined with a few good illustrations as well. I used this method for my first Talvikki sweater without knowing this was the method used for Toaster sweater. A funny coincidence.

Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

My personal thoughts on the difference between the Named Talvikki sweater versus Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

Named Talvikki sweater advantages:

  • the turtleneck with the darts
  • the length of the finished version
  • the uneven hemline

Toaster Sweater #2 advantages

  • the set in sleeve construction
  • the mitered corner construction

I worn the sweater the day after it was finished. I’m happy with the result. The boxy look, the raised boat neck construction, the side vents are great features and last but least the light blue fabric with the beautiful coloured sparkles. I made no changes to the pattern besides the slight curve in my hem due to the fact that the fabric had more shrinkage then I had counted for (almost 10% instead of the usual 5%). It took almost an hour to find the best pattern lay-out,

Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

Will there be a second Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

The answer is yes. I will do a pattern hack and combine my favourite element of both patterns. How those that look? The turtleneck and the uneven hemline of the Talvikki sweater will be drafted into the Toaster Sweater #2. I also make this hack version without the vents. I’ll first have to make my two dresses for the Day&Night Dress challenge and also some other sewing projects planned. I think Autumn will be a good time to make this hack. Last but last read also Ann’s blogpost about her experience with the Named Talvikki sweater.

Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

Time and Costs Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

Time: laying the pattern on the fabric and cutting one hour, basting and stitching 6 hours
Costs: pattern $ 10,00 (€ 8,07), pattern printing and assembling € 2,90, fabric € 15,00, yarn € 3,00, interfacing € 0,50

7 Comments on Seven House Toaster Sweater #2

  1. I’ve also made both of these patterns and haven’t really considered a preference, although I think I’d go to the Toaster first. I love your fabric!

  2. Very interested to read your comparison …..and I can’t believe we both chose a light blue fabric for our latest sweaters! Nobody will believe that this was a coincidence.
    Looks great

    • Thank you Ann. You made a wonderful Talvikki in such an adorable Scandinavian colour. Who could imagine that we both picked a light blue fabric without conferring to each other. I really enjoyed making the Toaster sweater. The set-in sleeves of the Toaster are looking great and are so much stylisher then the dropped shoulders of the Talvikki.

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